Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A book for Americans to read.

Barack Obama, the unauthorized Biography -
This book is a must read for the world. I caution all readers that first one should not draw conclusions about a person based upon what another has concluded, but take the content of the book to understand just what exactly is happening to the human society and existence in the Global Economy. This book if read and comprehended will give illumination to the reality we must now face and understanding how and why it is happening. Caution number two, do not read this book for reasons of racial diversions. Read this book to understand how our nation’s leaders are selected and how they receive financial backing to put into operation the edicts of the elite.
This book is entirely accurate when it says that we have just exchanged one megalomaniac for another. The difference is extreme in population manipulation, but such extremes are necessary and required by the elite to conduct their operations. It is how the elite control and manipulate their power, influence, and control over world resources.
A very frightening part of this book is that it was written before Barack Obama took office. Now as President of the United States the edicts and principles of the elite to keep control are effectively being systematically put in place. It is precisely as they ordained. George W. Bush was a puppet and their ideology was secured. Barack Obama is a puppet and the elite ideology is now being activated. The motto of the elite is to Divide and Conquer. This motto is and will be the greatest weapon of any power control. Consider the division between conservative and liberal. There is the division of Democrat and Republican. Once again is the division between races. The constant blaring of issues of blacks, slavery, and segregation is again rearing its ugly head when finally the melting pot of America thought it was finally over. This is the plan, and it is working to keep us divided. The ideals of the elite are being forced upon the American people. We stand helpless except for our intellect and the power we have en masse.
The book also reveals that in selecting this racial issue for the Presidency the elite financiers now control the most dangerous individuals that could upset their plans for a socialistic financially controlled world government. The most dangerous group to the elite is civil rights. The civil rights movement is not about race, as Dr. King explained. The civil rights movement is about equality and understanding regardless of race, religion, gender, or age. If we were to truly be free we needed to intellectually free our society of all this limiting and constricting bonds that continue to enslave us. As a united front of civil rights it would be the only thing that could stop the divide and conquer. This is why Martin Luther King Jr was murdered by the elite. Martin Luther King Jr was dangerous. Martin Luther King Jr was uniting all in the understanding of equality. Robert Kennedy was murdered because he was a choice of the masses. The masses would be dangerous if the division was lost. This could not be allowed, so a Black POTUS it had to be financed and elected. That election had to be biased by race, not equality.
Sadly, I do not believe that George W. Bush or Barack Obama even have a clue as to how they were and are being manipulated. Both men are surrounded with the walls of servants of the elite financiers. They have both been raised, indoctrinated, and brain washed by the elite financiers they are completely out of touch with equality and government as it was meant to be. Now that he is President, Barack Obama will be isolated and brain washed even more, regardless of his own individual thoughts. Just like GWB he believes he is doing the right things.
Another valuable part of this book is the role his mother, Stanley Ann Dunham Obama, played in his life. This part of his life has been downplayed for several reasons. One reason is her connections with the Ford Foundation. It clearly shows the ties and connections of people believing what they do is helping and are programmed to believe Foundations are for the better good of society. In reality foundations are used strictly for control and information hunts to keep the population in control.
It had bothered me immensely why President Obama played down his white mother and focused on his black father. This book delves into the Stanley Ann Dunham the Obama presidency does not want you to know. President Obama used his father as an example of affirmative action to produce a PhD from Africa, but says nothing of his mother’s achievement of a PhD as a single struggling working mother. President Obama says nothing of the work she did in Indonesia and Pakistan. He says nothing of her service to this country and her diplomatic connections. He allows people to think of her as sweet apple pie mom. In reality she was a strong willed mother he decided to alienate. It brings into focus the absolute political moves he made to get power. One of these moves was to separate from a white woman and marry a black woman to keep his credible black identity with minorities including the black voters. A white woman at his side mother or wife would have been suicide in politics. This shows he does not love and is incapable of love for a person or nation. Barack Obama is a typical politician. It is about the glamour and power. We are foolish to believe it is about us as a people.
We may be unable to control what is happening, but we can voice our understanding of it for the future. The Law of Heaven will always be the most powerful of forces. In the election of 2012 I caution all Americans to stop listening to propaganda of the media. I suggest the next candidate should be elected by the masses based upon the candidate the media does not endorse. The candidate to be elected should spend the least amount of money in campaigning. The candidate elected should show a solid action platform. The candidate elected should not use rhetoric and buzz words.
Please read this book and take from it the valuable information it contains. This is an unbiased volume of reality as the world of politics is truly run.