Thursday, July 8, 2010

Mindset and the Reality of War

I recently viewed a news report on an internet news source. The video showed an apache helicopter attack on 8 civilians walking down a street in a city somewhere in Iraq.

The video reminded me of conversations I had with numerous Vietnam War Veterans. The hardest part for them returning to civilian life was adjusting to the no enemy mind set and how to deal with the lives that had ended by their hands.
The Veterans’ stories were personal and different, but they were the same in subject. These men had killed men, women, children, and animals. At the time and the mindset of the soldier was that these living entities were enemies. These enemies would kill them or they needed to be killed.
Some of the Veterans told me they were high on hallucinogenic drugs. Others reported a mind set of enemies. When the Veterans returned stateside and reunited with their families, the issues of what they remembered and if it was real or surreal came into a vicious tearing rendering of conscience. They dwelled on whether the life that ended by their hand was an enemy or an innocent victim. At the time of the incident they were the enemy. It was simple.
At home with their loved ones the Veterans the simplicity of it. What if their children, brothers, sisters, dogs, cats, horses, or cows were in a field where soldiers were reconnoitering? What if they as an enemy had used children, women, or animals to kill the enemy? What if these lives were simply at the wrong place at the wrong time? It wasn’t simple any more.
It is true there are battle hardened soldiers that can shut off the conscience. They walk through life accepting the kill or are killed mantra. Most of these Veterans are career soldiers and officers. The hierarchy of officers like Majors, Generals, Admirals, Lieutenants, and Commanders are war hardened and know they must make decisions that cost lives. The military must have the cold blood conscience of such leaders to send soldiers into battle. This is war.
Unfortunately it is the common man that is in the battlefield. These people are not war hardened, professional, career soldiers. These people are put in uniforms, given guns, and told to kill.

I understood why the Veterans felt comfortable sharing with me these deep and dark thoughts. They couldn’t share them with other Veterans, even the ones they served with because it might make them look weak. The Veterans couldn’t share them with their wife and families because they couldn’t understand their conflicting thoughts and conscience. The Veterans talked to me because all I did was listen to them. The Veterans didn’t want vindication, forgiveness, judgment, or even retribution. The Veterans just wanted someone to listen to these stories. The Veterans simply needed to verbalize this time period in their life.
Did it help some of the Veterans to have me listen without comment? I can only hope it did. For my own thoughts, I felt honored to share those experiences. The stories helped me to understand war and soldiers more than battles, winners, losers, heroes, or cowards. I was a stateside citizen without concept of how devastating war can be to the human psyche, beyond material or physical environments.
The old adage “War is Hell” goes far beyond the material destruction. There is a scar on the human spirit with those who serve and fight in foreign lands and wars. This is an ugly scar within that stays and never fades away.
In the incident I am referring to regarding the recent Apache helicopter attack is regarding the common soldier.

A PFC hacked the video and released it to an organization on the internet. The intent of the release was to show the world what war is really about. The video shows shooting down eight Iraqi men in a street. The audio is the talk between the copter, command, ground troops, and conversations between the soldiers in the helicopter.

I viewed the video with an image of Vietnam and the soldiers’ stories I had listened. For me the images of their Vietnam came into my mind. This is what the Vietnam Veterans did and how they talked between each other. They saw the enemy and they killed before the enemy could kill them or their friends. The soldiers saw an enemy vehicle pull up to save the enemy. The soldiers blasted the rescuers and vehicle. After their battle they did not want any enemy to escape and fight them again, possibly kill them or their friends. I saw the ground troops arrive and find children in the car. Were these innocents? These children were in a war, they must be the enemy.

I watched the video and could plainly see the two men were carrying camera bags. Those men shot down were not carrying weapons. I could see these men were civilians and camera carriers. Why did the soldiers see weapons? I saw a vehicle pull up and try to save a survivor. I saw the helicopter open fire on anyone around the vehicle and in the vehicle. I saw ground troops arrive and rescue children from the vehicle. I saw innocent victims. We have a name for it now, it is called Collateral Damage.

The answer is simple. I was safe behind a computer screen in my home. I was not under pressure of any kind. I was not filled with adrenalin of a potential battle. What I saw, was not what the soldiers in the Apache Helicopter saw. Those soldiers saw weapons and were the enemy. It is clear to me that the mind view in safety is completely different from the mind view in a battle area.

The private is being held on charges and will most likely go to prison for breaking the military censorship laws. The public isn’t supposed to see these things of war. The fact that children were possibly killed or the targeted enemy turned out to be a Reuter’s photographer is not to be public domain.

In many ways I understand keeping this knowledge from the general public. In a military movie there is a line that says, “You can’t handle the truth”. This is a factual statement. Many in the general public cannot handle the truth or reality of war. We prefer to be sterile and removed from it. How can we face such tragedies?

I believe we must start to face them, but with understanding and not judgments.

I thought about these soldiers that killed the innocent that day. How do they live with this scar once they learned their enemy was not their enemy? These are the battle scars that never fade away. These are the battle scars that live within them and cause emotional pain. If they didn’t shoot when confronted by an enemy because they were wrong in the past, would they die? Would their friends die if they hesitated?

After remembering those stories from Vietnam Veterans and watching that video I understand what we should do. We should not allow this PFC to be imprisoned for releasing a censored video because it was a mistake. Military secrets and censorship should only be for information critical deployment, troop movements, arsenals, and true secrets. Imprisonment for this video is wrong simply because the American public should see the reality of battle decisions. We the public should learn to understand the choices, actions, and even mistakes soldiers make during crisis situations.

There is no justification for war or battle decisions. There isn’t forgiveness or understanding for war and battle decisions. There is simply the reality of that time and that place.

I wish I would have told the Vietnam Veterans this: “You will live with the responsibility of your actions. You did what you did in that time, place, and situation. There is no judgment or forgiveness for you by anyone. You alone walked that path and did what you did. You may have been right and you may have been wrong. Right or wrong is not relevant to you, nor was it at that time and place. You do not have to dwell on the actions, but you know you cannot forget them. I ask that you accept that. All anyone can do in life is to accept responsibility of their actions at any time and place.

I think there is no reason to dwell in any type of guilt or justification. I believe one should accept the reality and responsibility of an action. There isn’t right or wrong decision in any action, there is the decision.

Do not censor the video of collateral damages. Educate the public to aid the soldiers on their return and salve the scars the soldier must endure. This attitude could have helped many Vietnam Veterans and Veterans of other wars heal their wounds and live with their scars.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Is it the end of times?

The Prophecy of Armageddon and
Follow the Money Trail

My grief pours out in this blog. My hope again is that these thoughts might be found by archivists in the future to understand and maybe this time learn from the past.
As I begin to write this blog, it has been 51 days since a deep water oil well blew up in what we call the Gulf of Mexico in a place called the United States of America.
We have been hearing for some time about the end of the world in 2012. There have been prophecies regarding this end of times. The Hopi talk about the beginning of the 5th world. The Mayan calendar of time ends and begins its new cycle. Nostradamus predicts the end of times. The religious peoples proclaim that their God will return to strike down sinners.
I for one have never believed in a human formed God striking down supposed sinners, but I do believe in cycles and the forces or energies of these cycles. I didn't really believe in an actual end time and still don't, but with this current event, I am beginning to believe in the beginning of the fifth world and the new calendar cycle of the Mayans.
Man has set a course for some time to end the world as we know it. Power and control have been the foundation of every civilization since recorded history began. It may have been power and control over people, or item, or land. Human animals have always had the need to be superior over another for some strange reason. Some call this need animalistic as in the survival of the fittest to provide a solid genetic line. Unfortunately, the superiors are not necessisarily the fittest or have the best genetic prospects. As in the past, genetics of leaders have proven to be inferior. Past superiors have had severe mental disorders, blood diseases, and physical infirmaties. The superiors have proven not to be the most intelligent and capable leaders an animal herd requires.
Humanity also has the tendency to ascribe value to objects and give value to these objects creating a supposed wealth and forcing the value of the objects to others. “I have a stone and it is valuable. Your stone is not.” We allow this object to be valuable and then seek it out to become wealthy like the others that say it is because they have many of these objects. Once humans have acquired these objects that take power and control over other human animals because they do not have as many objects.
Since recorded history, these objects have been something as simple as shells, bones, or shelters. Soon humanity determined that glittering stones had value. Then a stone of gold or silver had value. Today the value is in electronic digits known as fiats from the ancient Romans. These electronic digits are from possession of four objects, gold, silver, gem stones, and crude oil. Death and destruction follows these objects in the human animal world. The human animal uses this value to change the environment to its standards, unlike the animal world that lives within its environment. This is is the only true difference I see between human animals and other animals that dwell on the planet called Earth.
I bring in all of the above to use as my foundation in believing we are at the end of times. At least we are at the end of times for this historical period.
While this oil continues to spew out into the Gulf of Mexico, our informational sources known as news media continues to focus on the disaster in the measures of lost values known as incomes. The shrimp fisherman have lost their incomes. The tourist industry has lost its income. The oyster fisherman have lost their income. This is costing BP a great deal in lost revenue and cleanup expenses.
The news media shows photographs of stressed birds and destroyed marshes. The media discusses clean up methods and shows government leaders, movie stars, movie directors, glim and glam people as well as sport idols on the media. The focus is always on the powerful and controllers.
This is where my sorrow deepens. The focus is on the seen and the known. The focus is on the temporary and only the surface. The news media does not even begin to comprehend the true ramifications of the end of life as we know it.
It may suit the powerful and controlling oil companies to spill enough toxic oil into the pristine blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico to make it another Dead Sea. It would be more convenient to drill for the valued oil beneath the sea if there was no life other than human life to deal with. The oil companies would not worry about human lively hood.
Herein lies my sorrows. In 1910 there was a land gusher in Oklahoma that could not be tapped. It spewed oil for over a year and created a lake several feet deep of crude oil. The company did manage to siphon out some of that oil, but looking at that place today- 100 years later – the land is still dead. There is no life, no plants, no flowers, no animals, not even insects live there. Imagine the destruction of that land gusher and 100 years later there still is no life.
The current Admiral of the Coast Guard says this spill will haunt us until this fall. Who is he kidding? Are we so blind we are not aware this Gulf gusher is going to destroy not only our Gulf for years to come, but well into the next century? Will we make the next century?
The focus of the media is on the saving of birds like the endangered brown pelican. The media is not showing the struggling sharks that are all ready over hunted in the oceans, dying in the oil slicks. The media is not showing the dolphin, great whales, porpoise, turtles, fish, tuna, and most importantly the plankton and coral reefs that are destroyed by this oil.
The plankton and coral reefs are the beginning of all life cycles on the blue marble earth. These tiny life forms provide not only oxygen, but the manna of the ocean for all marine creatures. When we break that chain or cycle of life, we destroy our own life cycle. If oceans do not provide food for marine life and oxygen used in combination to provide rain to the lands, we all die.
If the rain contains the miniscule parts of this crude oil and rains upon the lands, the rains deliver the toxic crude to our land food sources as well. Our food is poisoned and dead. Our trees will be poisoned and dead. Our wildlife on land will be destroyed. The fragile balance of life will be destroyed completely. This is the true catastrophy of this oil gusher a mile down in the ocean.
We will not merely lose jobs or incomes. We are going to lose the planet itself.
Nature will eventually recover, but will humanity survive? Nature will adjust and adapt. It is obvious that the human animal cannot adjust or adapt. Instead the human specie continues to demand that all of nature adjust to the human specie. We put the value on life and expect nature to adhere to it.
We are not stewards of the earth, we choose to be it's dictator. Unfortunately for the majority of people of the earth we can do nothing. We were born into the economic slavery conceived by the supposed superiors of the specie. We are slaves to the current economic world and have no way to escape to freedom from it. We are economically chained, beaten, and whipped until the supposed superiors allow us to die where we can finally escape. Yet our children and grandchildren are enslaved bought and sold by marketed things putting them deeper and deeper into the chains of economic slavery.
My conclusion is the vision of the destruction of life on this earth as we know it and that reality of current life as we know it, is created by the values of supposed superiors directing our quality of life as they see fit.
This is the destruction of earth and to find out how it happened, just follow the money trail, or the trail of the current human specie superiors and their values.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Different Fears-Different Terrors-Same Results

Different Fears, Different Terrors, Same Results.
The Politics of America doesn’t change very much. It is all about power and control, while obtaining personal wealth as a legislator. The supreme power of course is the Presidency of the United States. This is why candidates sell their souls to corporations, financiers, and other lobbying type groups to obtain millions and now a billion to win that supreme office.
This should say something to all of us. The people seeking this office are power megalomaniacs who will stop at nothing to get that office. The megalomania is not partisan in any way, shape, or form. This should warn Americans to question what is really going in Washington that is going to affect their lives and their children’s lives in the future.
The last administration and megalomaniac created a panic fear with a foreign enemy that he used to terrorize people into a war giving the President of the United States more power. One such move was known as the Patriot Act that basically took away our freedom of privacy and rights to a fair trial. Indeed this war did financially benefit the President, his family, and close political associations. The coffers of this administration’s family and friends did indeed bulge with American wealth. The American people did become tired of the drain on their lives and began to complain. The American people began to unite against the elitist class. The American people had a new enemy that united them as a people. The masses would have risen up and taken back their democracy. The American people were beginning to have faith in their ability and power.
The secured and comfortable Washingtonian legislators didn’t want that at all. The powerful Federal Reserve couldn’t allow the people to actually control revenues in a democracy. It was time to bring in a new fear and new terror. The financial collapse came in just like the flaming twin towers. The American people were once again too afraid and filled with terror to unite for democracy.
The opportunity was perfect for a new administration. Another megalomaniac was elected. This administration took more power for the President of the United States. This administration gave political paybacks to IOU’s with cabinet posts that are simply prestigious title positions, but the administration added its own shadow cabinet. These people would be the real power of control. This power group would be hand selected by a President. They would be the yes men of the power group. The President’s dictates would be quickly and efficiently followed through. These czar positions would not be elected or approved by Congress.
A new word appeared in Washington and the media – “Stimulus Package”. This stimulus package is another patriot act. It gives the President more power. The simple explanation is the Congress always has appropriations from our tax dollars. The appropriation committee divides the tax dollars in the House and then sends it to the Senate where it is appropriated once more. The Appropriations monies include tax cuts or increases in taxes. The appropriations bills are then voted on and become the budget. Once the budget is approved, the monies are then sent to Federal Programs and the States for disbursement.
This is exactly what this Stimulus Package is with one exception. Once the “Budget” “Stimulus Package” is approved it now goes through the White House Czars for disbursement.
People may think this doesn’t make a difference. It makes a huge difference. The Congress has now given the Presidency the power over budget disbursements. The Congress has lost its effectiveness in representing the individual states. The Congress of the United States was supposed to be filled with representatives of the individual states to allow a more equitable vote and honorable disbursement of Federal Tax Dollars.
In this move of the Stimulus Package the Congress has given the Presidency and his private power group control over disbursement of Federal Funds.
The Congress has depleted State power and given more Federal Power to the President of the United States.
With fear, the American people are being led closer and closer to the loss of democracy. We should have taken these words of a great man to heart, “The only thing to fear is fear itself.”
Fear of job loss? The jobs are gone, have been gone, and are still being sent to other countries. The financial groups and corporations have been slowly strangling us with interest rates, fees, charges, insurances, oil pricing, and predatory lending. We didn’t take the time to have faith in ourselves and our capability. Instead the American people focus faith on one man and one office.
There is no difference in giving a President power over Congress with fear of war than giving another President power over Congress with fear of economy. The end result is the same. The Presidential Office is getting far too much power.
When a nation as a people gives one office be it King, President, Premier, or a God their total and complete faith, that nation as a people no longer have any freedoms.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A book for Americans to read.

Barack Obama, the unauthorized Biography -
This book is a must read for the world. I caution all readers that first one should not draw conclusions about a person based upon what another has concluded, but take the content of the book to understand just what exactly is happening to the human society and existence in the Global Economy. This book if read and comprehended will give illumination to the reality we must now face and understanding how and why it is happening. Caution number two, do not read this book for reasons of racial diversions. Read this book to understand how our nation’s leaders are selected and how they receive financial backing to put into operation the edicts of the elite.
This book is entirely accurate when it says that we have just exchanged one megalomaniac for another. The difference is extreme in population manipulation, but such extremes are necessary and required by the elite to conduct their operations. It is how the elite control and manipulate their power, influence, and control over world resources.
A very frightening part of this book is that it was written before Barack Obama took office. Now as President of the United States the edicts and principles of the elite to keep control are effectively being systematically put in place. It is precisely as they ordained. George W. Bush was a puppet and their ideology was secured. Barack Obama is a puppet and the elite ideology is now being activated. The motto of the elite is to Divide and Conquer. This motto is and will be the greatest weapon of any power control. Consider the division between conservative and liberal. There is the division of Democrat and Republican. Once again is the division between races. The constant blaring of issues of blacks, slavery, and segregation is again rearing its ugly head when finally the melting pot of America thought it was finally over. This is the plan, and it is working to keep us divided. The ideals of the elite are being forced upon the American people. We stand helpless except for our intellect and the power we have en masse.
The book also reveals that in selecting this racial issue for the Presidency the elite financiers now control the most dangerous individuals that could upset their plans for a socialistic financially controlled world government. The most dangerous group to the elite is civil rights. The civil rights movement is not about race, as Dr. King explained. The civil rights movement is about equality and understanding regardless of race, religion, gender, or age. If we were to truly be free we needed to intellectually free our society of all this limiting and constricting bonds that continue to enslave us. As a united front of civil rights it would be the only thing that could stop the divide and conquer. This is why Martin Luther King Jr was murdered by the elite. Martin Luther King Jr was dangerous. Martin Luther King Jr was uniting all in the understanding of equality. Robert Kennedy was murdered because he was a choice of the masses. The masses would be dangerous if the division was lost. This could not be allowed, so a Black POTUS it had to be financed and elected. That election had to be biased by race, not equality.
Sadly, I do not believe that George W. Bush or Barack Obama even have a clue as to how they were and are being manipulated. Both men are surrounded with the walls of servants of the elite financiers. They have both been raised, indoctrinated, and brain washed by the elite financiers they are completely out of touch with equality and government as it was meant to be. Now that he is President, Barack Obama will be isolated and brain washed even more, regardless of his own individual thoughts. Just like GWB he believes he is doing the right things.
Another valuable part of this book is the role his mother, Stanley Ann Dunham Obama, played in his life. This part of his life has been downplayed for several reasons. One reason is her connections with the Ford Foundation. It clearly shows the ties and connections of people believing what they do is helping and are programmed to believe Foundations are for the better good of society. In reality foundations are used strictly for control and information hunts to keep the population in control.
It had bothered me immensely why President Obama played down his white mother and focused on his black father. This book delves into the Stanley Ann Dunham the Obama presidency does not want you to know. President Obama used his father as an example of affirmative action to produce a PhD from Africa, but says nothing of his mother’s achievement of a PhD as a single struggling working mother. President Obama says nothing of the work she did in Indonesia and Pakistan. He says nothing of her service to this country and her diplomatic connections. He allows people to think of her as sweet apple pie mom. In reality she was a strong willed mother he decided to alienate. It brings into focus the absolute political moves he made to get power. One of these moves was to separate from a white woman and marry a black woman to keep his credible black identity with minorities including the black voters. A white woman at his side mother or wife would have been suicide in politics. This shows he does not love and is incapable of love for a person or nation. Barack Obama is a typical politician. It is about the glamour and power. We are foolish to believe it is about us as a people.
We may be unable to control what is happening, but we can voice our understanding of it for the future. The Law of Heaven will always be the most powerful of forces. In the election of 2012 I caution all Americans to stop listening to propaganda of the media. I suggest the next candidate should be elected by the masses based upon the candidate the media does not endorse. The candidate to be elected should spend the least amount of money in campaigning. The candidate elected should show a solid action platform. The candidate elected should not use rhetoric and buzz words.
Please read this book and take from it the valuable information it contains. This is an unbiased volume of reality as the world of politics is truly run.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Suffolk Resolve 1754 Rewritten

The Unites States Citizen Resolves 2008

It is by request to the People of the United States of America, that we meet together in virtual communities across the internet to establish community representation to our current government not with individual concerns, but community concerns and the state of the American Citizen. It is with the community voice to approach, influence, and inform government representatives of the actions needed to take and remove influence of corporate, financial, and lobbyist interests by bribery, secret deals, or any other method of coercion on our elected officials. It is the determination of the People of the United States of America to bring the power of representation back into hands of the people and community needs.

Whereas the power but not the justice, the vengeance but not the wisdom of the United States Congress, Executive Office, and Judicial Branch, which of several decades persecuted, scourged, and stole the democratic rights of our parents from their beloved country, now pursues us, their guiltless children, with unrelenting severity: And whereas, this, once democratic and free land, was purchased by the toil and treasure, or acquired by the blood and valor of those our venerable progenitors; to us they bequeathed the dearbought inheritance, to our care and protection they consigned it, and the most sacred obligations are upon us to transmit the glorious purchase, unfettered by power, unclogged with shackles, to our innocent and beloved offspring. On the fortitude, on the wisdom and on the exertions of this important day, is suspended the fate of this great country, and of unborn millions. If a boundless extent of continent, swarming with millions, will tamely submit to live, move and have their being at the arbitrary will of a licentious minister, they basely yield to voluntary economic slavery, and future generations shall load their memories with incessant execrations.--On the other hand, if we arrest the hand which would ransack our pockets, if we disarm the parricide which points the dagger to our bosoms, if we nobly defeat that fatal edict which proclaims a power to frame laws for us in all cases whatsoever, thereby entailing the endless and numberless curses of economic slavery upon us, our heirs and their heirs forever; if we successfully resist that unparalleled usurpation of unconstitutional power, whereby our capital is robbed of the means of life; whereby the streets of the United States are thronged with financial executioners; whereby our coasts are lined and harbours crowded with ships of material goods not made in our country; whereby the charter of the United States Citizen, that sacred barrier against the encroachments of tyranny, is mutilated and, in effect, annihilated; whereby a murderous law is framed to shelter villainous politicians from the hands of justice; whereby the unalienable and inestimable inheritance, which we derived from nature, the constitution of the United States, and the privileges warranted to us in the Constitution of this country, is totally wrecked, annulled, and vacated, posterity will acknowledge that virtue which preserved them free and happy; and while we enjoy the rewards and blessings of the faithful, the torrent of panegyrists will roll our reputations to that latest period, when the streams of time shall be absorbed in the abyss of eternity.--Therefore, we have resolved, and do resolve,
1. That whereas the President of the United States of America, and justly entitled to the allegiance of the American realm, and agreeable to compact, of the United States Congress in America--therefore, we, the heirs and successors of the first planters of this country, do cheerfully acknowledge the said President to be our rightful leader, and that said covenant is the tenure and claim on which are founded our allegiance and submission.

2. That it is an indispensable duty which we owe to our country, ourselves and posterity, by all lawful ways and means in our power to maintain, defend and preserve those civil and religious rights and liberties, for which many of our fathers fought, bled and died, and to hand them down entire to future generations.

3. That the late acts of the Congress for altering the established form of government in this country, and for screening the most flagitious violators of the laws of the country from a legal trial, are gross infractions of those rights to which we are justly entitled by the laws of nature, the American Constitution, and Bill of Rights.

4. That no obedience is due from this country to either or any part of the acts above-mentioned, but that they be rejected as the attempts of a wicked administration to enslave American Peoples.

5. That so long as the justices of our superior court of judicature, Congress, Senate, President, and State Governors and legislators are appointed, or hold their places, by any other tenure than that which the Constitution and the representation of the American people direct, they must be considered as under undue influence, and are therefore unconstitutional officers, and, as such, no regard ought to be paid to them by the people of this country.

6. That if the justices of the superior court of judicature, Congress, Senate, President, and State Governors and legislators shall sit and act during their present disqualified state, this country will support, and bear harmless, all sheriffs and their deputies, constables, jurors and other officers who shall refuse to carry into execution the orders of said courts; and, as far as possible, to prevent the many inconveniencies which must be occasioned by a suspension of the courts of justice, we do most earnestly recommend it to all creditors, that they show all reasonable and even generous forbearance to their debtors; and to all debtors, to pay their just debts with all possible speed, and if any disputes relative to debts or trespasses shall arise, which cannot be settled by the parties, we recommend it to them to submit all such causes to arbitration; and it is our opinion that the contending parties or either of them, who shall refuse so to do, ought to be considered as co-operating in the destruction of this country.

7. That it be recommended to the American people to call by petition an immediate vote to unseat any and all legislative and government officials that do not represent the American people and their wishes, but sit in chairs to purchase any and all advantages for their private person and interests.

8. That the persons who have accepted seats to represent the American people and have used said seats for personal interest and gain, have acted in direct violation of the duty they owe to their country, and have thereby given great and just offence to this people; therefore, resolved, that this country do recommend it to all persons, who have so highly offended by accepting said departments, and have not already publicly resigned their seats, to make public resignations of their places at said representation, immediately, and that all persons refusing so to do, shall be considered by this country as obstinate and incorrigible criminals in this country.

9. That the fortifications begun and now carrying on in Washington D.C. and capitol cities of the United States of America, are justly alarming to this country, and gives us reason to apprehend some hostile intention against this people, more especially as recent commander in chiefs have, in a very extraordinary manner, removed resolve to defend and protect the Constitution and the people of the United States of America. That said private interests, lobbyists, and financiers control the actions, thoughts, principles, and government of the Executive, Judicial, and Congressional offices of the United States. Resulting in economic enslavement of the people of the United States of America.

10. That the latest acts of government for establishing Corporate Interests and the financial corporate control of the American people, is dangerous in an extreme degree to the individual security and to the civil rights and liberties of all America; and, therefore, as citizens of the United States, we are indispensably obliged to take all proper measures for our security.

11. That whereas politically controlling corporations, financiers, and lobbyists have flattered themselves that they shall make an easy prey of this numerous, brave and hardy people, from an apprehension that they are unacquainted with independent and intelligent minds; we, therefore, for the honor, defense and security of this country, advise, as it has been recommended to take away all lobbyist, corporate, and financial control from the representative offices of American people. that those who now hold commissions, or such other persons, be elected, shall be judged of sufficient capacity for the purpose of representing, and who have evidenced themselves the inflexible friends to the rights of the people; and that the inhabitants of those towns and districts, who are qualified, do use their utmost diligence to acquaint themselves with will of the people, and do, for that purpose, appear publically for discussion with the people at least once every week.

12. That during the present hostile interests on the part of the United States Congress, Executive Office, and Judicial Branch notwithstanding the many insults and oppressions which we most sensibly resent, yet, nevertheless, from our affection to our democracy, which we have at all times evidenced, we are determined to act merely upon the defensive, so long as such conduct may be vindicated by reason and the principles of self-preservation.

13. That, as we understand it has been in contemplation to seize all property, incomes, and place in servitude to corporate and financial interests the American citizens. The American citizen is expected to continue and bear all tax burdens for the private interests, coffers, and advancements of State and Federal legislators originally elected to protect the interests of the American Citizen.

14. That until our freedoms, incomes and rights are fully restored to us, we will, to the utmost of our power, and we recommend the same to the other American Citizens, to withhold economic support in elections, to demand a decrease in wages equal to the income loss of the American people, to close the private Congressional Bank offering the same interest rates and loan agreements available to their constituency, to eliminate the private retirement of Congress and place retirement on Congress in equality to the retirement prospects available to the their constituency, to eliminate Congressional Health Care Plans and place instead the health care plans available to their constituency, we ask this with written petition for special general election.

15. That under our present circumstances, it is incumbent on us to encourage arts and manufactures amongst us, by all means in our power, and that be and are hereby appointed a committee, to consider of the best ways and means to promote and establish the same, and to report to this convention as soon as may be.

16. That the exigencies of our public affairs, demand that a community Congress be called to consult such measures as may be adopted, and vigorously executed by the whole people; and we do recommend it to the American Citizen, to choose members for such a community congress, to be communicating for process over the web.

17. That this country, confiding in the wisdom and integrity of the American Citizen , pay all due respect and submission to such measures as may be recommended by them to the communities, for the restoration and establishment of our just rights, civil and faith beliefs, and for renewing that harmony and union between Congress, Executive, and Judicial Branch of the United States so earnestly wished for by all good American Citizens.

18. That whereas the universal uneasiness which prevails among all orders of American Citizens, arising from the wicked and oppressive measures of the present administration, may influence some unthinking persons to commit outrage upon private property; we would heartily recommend to all persons of this community, not to engage in any routs, riots, or licentious attacks upon the properties of any person whatsoever, as being subversive of all order and government; but, by a steady, intelligent, uniform, and persevering opposition, to convince our government, that in a contest so important, in a cause so solemn, our conduct shall be such as to merit the approbation of the wise, and the admiration of the brave and free of every age and of every country.

19. That should our government, by any sudden maneuvers, render it necessary to ask the aid and assistance of our brethren in the country, some one of the committee of correspondence, or a select representative of such community, or the community adjoining, where such hostilities shall commence, or shall be expected to commence, shall dispatch email with written messages to the select citizen, or committees of correspondence, of the several communities in the vicinity, with a written account of such matter, who shall dispatch others to committees more remote, until proper and sufficient information be obtained and revealed internationally on the internet.


Friday, November 28, 2008

10 Simple Steps to end the American Crisis

People scream Change, but they do not want it. That is obvious in the Republican and Democratic Party Congressional Spending. Quietly our industry has been sent overseas creating the consumer nation. We have not truly realized the cost. The cost in a service nation is lower wages and the dumbing of America. Economic slaves are quite controllable. Slaves will complain, but they won't take action because they are used to the slavery. The slaves want freedom but will not sacrifice to achieve it. As little as they have, they are used to it. That is America today. We are economic slaves and we are so used to our condition we only complain and use buzz words like change, but will not take initiative to make it happen. I was talking with a friend and told her the simple solutions to our economic mess, and she agreed the solutions are correct. She then asked why if the answers are so simple won't our government who is supposed to have the best leaders and minds make the changes. My response is, first our leaders are not the best minds. Our leaders are privileged elite that bought their way into the elitist community, much like Rome. They aren't smart, they are simply rich. Second, the simple changes to be made are great change and would create chaos, because no one really wants to change.
Here it is:
1. Tap corporate profit levels to 25% net profit, the pork disappears.
2. Tap daily periodic rates to .02% the debt can finally be paid and Americans will again have a spendable income. Currently all consumer debt interest is designed so the debt can never be paid. Interest rates are increased to lower spendable income of debtor.
3. Fund green technology entrepreneurs and reopen neighborhood community factories shut down.
4. Redefine insurance protection. Health insurance companies are the greatest frauds on the American people. Health insurance companies take in billions of dollars and pay millions. Health insurance companies have inflated health care costs to obscene levels. This is true with all insurance. Dental, Vision, Pharmaceutical, Auto, Home, and Life insurance. Americans spend 1/3 of their incomes on insurances of some sort or another. The pay back on this 1/3 of spendable income is barely non existent. We pay out far more than we ever get in return. A 25% profit cap on insurance companies would help, but we need to deflate the insurance prices and use insurance as our investment. We should get profit if we don’t use it.
5. Education must be overhauled. A child should not be judged by tests created to define intelligence. Schools should be in a community. Curriculum should be based on creativity following a guideline. All education should be free and supported. Neighborhoods should have community play areas with children being involved in the selection of play activities and this should include creativity.
6. Local fruit and vegetable gardens should be a part of every neighborhood and community. It would be a small park area in every neighborhood and the community would be involved in the care and upkeep with equal distribution of the harvest to residents.
7. Recreate a protectionist government until community jobs are again providing America with a strong industrial manufacturing country and being the leader in green technology. Kennedy had the space age. We can have the green age. America can exceed all other countries with our minds, hard work, and American drive right in our own country.
8. Close down immigration allowing only student visa. Australia already has the best example of tight immigration and we should follow the guide. America is over populated and the economy is strictley service and consumerism. We need to rebuild and survive on our own technology and resources. America must shut down immigration. We are over populated and the strain is showing.
9. Diversity has to go and unity has to thrive. No more national identifications. You are American. No more understanding a personal family culture, the culture must be American.
10. A stronger division of Church and State must be reinstated. Religious philosophy and ideology must not be a moral standard of any government.
These are my 10 simple steps to solving our crisis. What do you think? Do people really want change? These steps could save our nation, but will the committees think or do this? Do you agree that slaves are so controlled these steps would cause chaos? DO WE REALLY WANT CHANGE? The answer is these steps would be fought every step of the way. Like Rome our country will collapse into itself because we really don't want Change. We will not change to release our bonds.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Governor Sarah Palin - Thank you.

Governor Palin was a breath of fresh air in a stuffy, arrogant, self centered, snobbish, and elitist world of Presidential Politics. John McCain and Barry Obama are both snobbish elitists. So was Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Ted Kennedy, Romney, Crist, etc and the list goes on.
Look at the record. Governor Palin has 85% approval rating in Alaska. Even after the title of Governor was attached she can still be found talking with a voter in a grocery store or a school meeting. Governor Palin worked to get help and care for her constituents. She represents the voters that elected her. How many Governors in America have this approval rating or talk to voters after an election? I can assure that in Florida if I even approached Governor Crist to ask to speak with him about an issue, I would be shot on the spot. Crist lives in an ivory tower right now and to hell with the people that voted him there. He only worries about the solar pool the people of Florida sacrificed to give him so he could have an energy efficient tan. What about a bipartisan cabinet? Governor Palin created one and works together with them? Can you say this about McCain? It would never happen. Already you see Barry Obama putting together a completely Democrat cabinet and shades of Clinton Administration taking over the White House once again. Where are the women in the glass ceilings that Obama whined on and on about? Poor Toot, she worked so hard and was slammed by the glass ceiling. I don’t see Barry Obama paying his male and female staff the same, much less equalizing male and female representation in the government. I certainly don’t see Barry Obama praising his American half sister for her sacrifices of caring for his mother and grandmother while he touted his black bail out dad and pursued his own selfish goals.
Governor Palin has a far more balanced cabinet in gender equality. The press and media sliced, diced, and shredded a woman that deserves far more respect in accomplishment than any of the male candidates. I never saw Obama in a speedo carrying a dead fetus. I won’t go there with McCain in a speedo. Everything Governor Palin said was twisted and turned.
Here are the facts: The blacks received freedom and the right to vote in the 1800’s. They did not participate in great numbers in the civil war that gave them their freedom to vote. The civil war was fought with the blood of white soldiers. It is true the civil war was fought over power control of the industrial north trying to access and keep control of the natural resource south, but the boon was freedom and the right to vote for the black slave. Women on the other hand had to fight alone. The women were beaten, starved, force fed, tortured, and imprisoned to obtain the freedom and voting privileges that the blacks were handed. It wasn’t until the 1900’s that women obtained their freedom and right to vote.
Here we have it again. Geraldine Ferraro, a democratic vp candidate, was also boiled in the oil of media and the press. Not once was it said for either woman that this was a bold and innovative move. Not once were people reminded that Indira Gandhi was the greatest leader India ever had, Golda Meir was one of the greatest leaders Israel every had with her folksy kitchen cabinet. Did we forget that Queen Elizabeth I was the greatest ruler Britain had? Did we forget that Russia still touts Catherine the Great? Have we forgotten that Bhutto was slain because she also dared enter a male dominated world?
Governor Palin is my Princess of Hearts. Just like Princess Diana that was sliced, diced, and shredded by the inner elitist camp and the media, Governor Palin is my princess of the heart.
Thank you Governor Palin for being strong and living through the nightmare you had to endure. Thank you to the First Dude for being the truly strong and self confident male he is. Thank you Governor Palin for being an icon and shining light in a dull, stuffy, snobbish, and patriarchal world.