Friday, November 28, 2008

10 Simple Steps to end the American Crisis

People scream Change, but they do not want it. That is obvious in the Republican and Democratic Party Congressional Spending. Quietly our industry has been sent overseas creating the consumer nation. We have not truly realized the cost. The cost in a service nation is lower wages and the dumbing of America. Economic slaves are quite controllable. Slaves will complain, but they won't take action because they are used to the slavery. The slaves want freedom but will not sacrifice to achieve it. As little as they have, they are used to it. That is America today. We are economic slaves and we are so used to our condition we only complain and use buzz words like change, but will not take initiative to make it happen. I was talking with a friend and told her the simple solutions to our economic mess, and she agreed the solutions are correct. She then asked why if the answers are so simple won't our government who is supposed to have the best leaders and minds make the changes. My response is, first our leaders are not the best minds. Our leaders are privileged elite that bought their way into the elitist community, much like Rome. They aren't smart, they are simply rich. Second, the simple changes to be made are great change and would create chaos, because no one really wants to change.
Here it is:
1. Tap corporate profit levels to 25% net profit, the pork disappears.
2. Tap daily periodic rates to .02% the debt can finally be paid and Americans will again have a spendable income. Currently all consumer debt interest is designed so the debt can never be paid. Interest rates are increased to lower spendable income of debtor.
3. Fund green technology entrepreneurs and reopen neighborhood community factories shut down.
4. Redefine insurance protection. Health insurance companies are the greatest frauds on the American people. Health insurance companies take in billions of dollars and pay millions. Health insurance companies have inflated health care costs to obscene levels. This is true with all insurance. Dental, Vision, Pharmaceutical, Auto, Home, and Life insurance. Americans spend 1/3 of their incomes on insurances of some sort or another. The pay back on this 1/3 of spendable income is barely non existent. We pay out far more than we ever get in return. A 25% profit cap on insurance companies would help, but we need to deflate the insurance prices and use insurance as our investment. We should get profit if we don’t use it.
5. Education must be overhauled. A child should not be judged by tests created to define intelligence. Schools should be in a community. Curriculum should be based on creativity following a guideline. All education should be free and supported. Neighborhoods should have community play areas with children being involved in the selection of play activities and this should include creativity.
6. Local fruit and vegetable gardens should be a part of every neighborhood and community. It would be a small park area in every neighborhood and the community would be involved in the care and upkeep with equal distribution of the harvest to residents.
7. Recreate a protectionist government until community jobs are again providing America with a strong industrial manufacturing country and being the leader in green technology. Kennedy had the space age. We can have the green age. America can exceed all other countries with our minds, hard work, and American drive right in our own country.
8. Close down immigration allowing only student visa. Australia already has the best example of tight immigration and we should follow the guide. America is over populated and the economy is strictley service and consumerism. We need to rebuild and survive on our own technology and resources. America must shut down immigration. We are over populated and the strain is showing.
9. Diversity has to go and unity has to thrive. No more national identifications. You are American. No more understanding a personal family culture, the culture must be American.
10. A stronger division of Church and State must be reinstated. Religious philosophy and ideology must not be a moral standard of any government.
These are my 10 simple steps to solving our crisis. What do you think? Do people really want change? These steps could save our nation, but will the committees think or do this? Do you agree that slaves are so controlled these steps would cause chaos? DO WE REALLY WANT CHANGE? The answer is these steps would be fought every step of the way. Like Rome our country will collapse into itself because we really don't want Change. We will not change to release our bonds.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Governor Sarah Palin - Thank you.

Governor Palin was a breath of fresh air in a stuffy, arrogant, self centered, snobbish, and elitist world of Presidential Politics. John McCain and Barry Obama are both snobbish elitists. So was Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Ted Kennedy, Romney, Crist, etc and the list goes on.
Look at the record. Governor Palin has 85% approval rating in Alaska. Even after the title of Governor was attached she can still be found talking with a voter in a grocery store or a school meeting. Governor Palin worked to get help and care for her constituents. She represents the voters that elected her. How many Governors in America have this approval rating or talk to voters after an election? I can assure that in Florida if I even approached Governor Crist to ask to speak with him about an issue, I would be shot on the spot. Crist lives in an ivory tower right now and to hell with the people that voted him there. He only worries about the solar pool the people of Florida sacrificed to give him so he could have an energy efficient tan. What about a bipartisan cabinet? Governor Palin created one and works together with them? Can you say this about McCain? It would never happen. Already you see Barry Obama putting together a completely Democrat cabinet and shades of Clinton Administration taking over the White House once again. Where are the women in the glass ceilings that Obama whined on and on about? Poor Toot, she worked so hard and was slammed by the glass ceiling. I don’t see Barry Obama paying his male and female staff the same, much less equalizing male and female representation in the government. I certainly don’t see Barry Obama praising his American half sister for her sacrifices of caring for his mother and grandmother while he touted his black bail out dad and pursued his own selfish goals.
Governor Palin has a far more balanced cabinet in gender equality. The press and media sliced, diced, and shredded a woman that deserves far more respect in accomplishment than any of the male candidates. I never saw Obama in a speedo carrying a dead fetus. I won’t go there with McCain in a speedo. Everything Governor Palin said was twisted and turned.
Here are the facts: The blacks received freedom and the right to vote in the 1800’s. They did not participate in great numbers in the civil war that gave them their freedom to vote. The civil war was fought with the blood of white soldiers. It is true the civil war was fought over power control of the industrial north trying to access and keep control of the natural resource south, but the boon was freedom and the right to vote for the black slave. Women on the other hand had to fight alone. The women were beaten, starved, force fed, tortured, and imprisoned to obtain the freedom and voting privileges that the blacks were handed. It wasn’t until the 1900’s that women obtained their freedom and right to vote.
Here we have it again. Geraldine Ferraro, a democratic vp candidate, was also boiled in the oil of media and the press. Not once was it said for either woman that this was a bold and innovative move. Not once were people reminded that Indira Gandhi was the greatest leader India ever had, Golda Meir was one of the greatest leaders Israel every had with her folksy kitchen cabinet. Did we forget that Queen Elizabeth I was the greatest ruler Britain had? Did we forget that Russia still touts Catherine the Great? Have we forgotten that Bhutto was slain because she also dared enter a male dominated world?
Governor Palin is my Princess of Hearts. Just like Princess Diana that was sliced, diced, and shredded by the inner elitist camp and the media, Governor Palin is my princess of the heart.
Thank you Governor Palin for being strong and living through the nightmare you had to endure. Thank you to the First Dude for being the truly strong and self confident male he is. Thank you Governor Palin for being an icon and shining light in a dull, stuffy, snobbish, and patriarchal world.