Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Suffolk Resolve 1754 Rewritten

The Unites States Citizen Resolves 2008

It is by request to the People of the United States of America, that we meet together in virtual communities across the internet to establish community representation to our current government not with individual concerns, but community concerns and the state of the American Citizen. It is with the community voice to approach, influence, and inform government representatives of the actions needed to take and remove influence of corporate, financial, and lobbyist interests by bribery, secret deals, or any other method of coercion on our elected officials. It is the determination of the People of the United States of America to bring the power of representation back into hands of the people and community needs.

Whereas the power but not the justice, the vengeance but not the wisdom of the United States Congress, Executive Office, and Judicial Branch, which of several decades persecuted, scourged, and stole the democratic rights of our parents from their beloved country, now pursues us, their guiltless children, with unrelenting severity: And whereas, this, once democratic and free land, was purchased by the toil and treasure, or acquired by the blood and valor of those our venerable progenitors; to us they bequeathed the dearbought inheritance, to our care and protection they consigned it, and the most sacred obligations are upon us to transmit the glorious purchase, unfettered by power, unclogged with shackles, to our innocent and beloved offspring. On the fortitude, on the wisdom and on the exertions of this important day, is suspended the fate of this great country, and of unborn millions. If a boundless extent of continent, swarming with millions, will tamely submit to live, move and have their being at the arbitrary will of a licentious minister, they basely yield to voluntary economic slavery, and future generations shall load their memories with incessant execrations.--On the other hand, if we arrest the hand which would ransack our pockets, if we disarm the parricide which points the dagger to our bosoms, if we nobly defeat that fatal edict which proclaims a power to frame laws for us in all cases whatsoever, thereby entailing the endless and numberless curses of economic slavery upon us, our heirs and their heirs forever; if we successfully resist that unparalleled usurpation of unconstitutional power, whereby our capital is robbed of the means of life; whereby the streets of the United States are thronged with financial executioners; whereby our coasts are lined and harbours crowded with ships of material goods not made in our country; whereby the charter of the United States Citizen, that sacred barrier against the encroachments of tyranny, is mutilated and, in effect, annihilated; whereby a murderous law is framed to shelter villainous politicians from the hands of justice; whereby the unalienable and inestimable inheritance, which we derived from nature, the constitution of the United States, and the privileges warranted to us in the Constitution of this country, is totally wrecked, annulled, and vacated, posterity will acknowledge that virtue which preserved them free and happy; and while we enjoy the rewards and blessings of the faithful, the torrent of panegyrists will roll our reputations to that latest period, when the streams of time shall be absorbed in the abyss of eternity.--Therefore, we have resolved, and do resolve,
1. That whereas the President of the United States of America, and justly entitled to the allegiance of the American realm, and agreeable to compact, of the United States Congress in America--therefore, we, the heirs and successors of the first planters of this country, do cheerfully acknowledge the said President to be our rightful leader, and that said covenant is the tenure and claim on which are founded our allegiance and submission.

2. That it is an indispensable duty which we owe to our country, ourselves and posterity, by all lawful ways and means in our power to maintain, defend and preserve those civil and religious rights and liberties, for which many of our fathers fought, bled and died, and to hand them down entire to future generations.

3. That the late acts of the Congress for altering the established form of government in this country, and for screening the most flagitious violators of the laws of the country from a legal trial, are gross infractions of those rights to which we are justly entitled by the laws of nature, the American Constitution, and Bill of Rights.

4. That no obedience is due from this country to either or any part of the acts above-mentioned, but that they be rejected as the attempts of a wicked administration to enslave American Peoples.

5. That so long as the justices of our superior court of judicature, Congress, Senate, President, and State Governors and legislators are appointed, or hold their places, by any other tenure than that which the Constitution and the representation of the American people direct, they must be considered as under undue influence, and are therefore unconstitutional officers, and, as such, no regard ought to be paid to them by the people of this country.

6. That if the justices of the superior court of judicature, Congress, Senate, President, and State Governors and legislators shall sit and act during their present disqualified state, this country will support, and bear harmless, all sheriffs and their deputies, constables, jurors and other officers who shall refuse to carry into execution the orders of said courts; and, as far as possible, to prevent the many inconveniencies which must be occasioned by a suspension of the courts of justice, we do most earnestly recommend it to all creditors, that they show all reasonable and even generous forbearance to their debtors; and to all debtors, to pay their just debts with all possible speed, and if any disputes relative to debts or trespasses shall arise, which cannot be settled by the parties, we recommend it to them to submit all such causes to arbitration; and it is our opinion that the contending parties or either of them, who shall refuse so to do, ought to be considered as co-operating in the destruction of this country.

7. That it be recommended to the American people to call by petition an immediate vote to unseat any and all legislative and government officials that do not represent the American people and their wishes, but sit in chairs to purchase any and all advantages for their private person and interests.

8. That the persons who have accepted seats to represent the American people and have used said seats for personal interest and gain, have acted in direct violation of the duty they owe to their country, and have thereby given great and just offence to this people; therefore, resolved, that this country do recommend it to all persons, who have so highly offended by accepting said departments, and have not already publicly resigned their seats, to make public resignations of their places at said representation, immediately, and that all persons refusing so to do, shall be considered by this country as obstinate and incorrigible criminals in this country.

9. That the fortifications begun and now carrying on in Washington D.C. and capitol cities of the United States of America, are justly alarming to this country, and gives us reason to apprehend some hostile intention against this people, more especially as recent commander in chiefs have, in a very extraordinary manner, removed resolve to defend and protect the Constitution and the people of the United States of America. That said private interests, lobbyists, and financiers control the actions, thoughts, principles, and government of the Executive, Judicial, and Congressional offices of the United States. Resulting in economic enslavement of the people of the United States of America.

10. That the latest acts of government for establishing Corporate Interests and the financial corporate control of the American people, is dangerous in an extreme degree to the individual security and to the civil rights and liberties of all America; and, therefore, as citizens of the United States, we are indispensably obliged to take all proper measures for our security.

11. That whereas politically controlling corporations, financiers, and lobbyists have flattered themselves that they shall make an easy prey of this numerous, brave and hardy people, from an apprehension that they are unacquainted with independent and intelligent minds; we, therefore, for the honor, defense and security of this country, advise, as it has been recommended to take away all lobbyist, corporate, and financial control from the representative offices of American people. that those who now hold commissions, or such other persons, be elected, shall be judged of sufficient capacity for the purpose of representing, and who have evidenced themselves the inflexible friends to the rights of the people; and that the inhabitants of those towns and districts, who are qualified, do use their utmost diligence to acquaint themselves with will of the people, and do, for that purpose, appear publically for discussion with the people at least once every week.

12. That during the present hostile interests on the part of the United States Congress, Executive Office, and Judicial Branch notwithstanding the many insults and oppressions which we most sensibly resent, yet, nevertheless, from our affection to our democracy, which we have at all times evidenced, we are determined to act merely upon the defensive, so long as such conduct may be vindicated by reason and the principles of self-preservation.

13. That, as we understand it has been in contemplation to seize all property, incomes, and place in servitude to corporate and financial interests the American citizens. The American citizen is expected to continue and bear all tax burdens for the private interests, coffers, and advancements of State and Federal legislators originally elected to protect the interests of the American Citizen.

14. That until our freedoms, incomes and rights are fully restored to us, we will, to the utmost of our power, and we recommend the same to the other American Citizens, to withhold economic support in elections, to demand a decrease in wages equal to the income loss of the American people, to close the private Congressional Bank offering the same interest rates and loan agreements available to their constituency, to eliminate the private retirement of Congress and place retirement on Congress in equality to the retirement prospects available to the their constituency, to eliminate Congressional Health Care Plans and place instead the health care plans available to their constituency, we ask this with written petition for special general election.

15. That under our present circumstances, it is incumbent on us to encourage arts and manufactures amongst us, by all means in our power, and that be and are hereby appointed a committee, to consider of the best ways and means to promote and establish the same, and to report to this convention as soon as may be.

16. That the exigencies of our public affairs, demand that a community Congress be called to consult such measures as may be adopted, and vigorously executed by the whole people; and we do recommend it to the American Citizen, to choose members for such a community congress, to be communicating for process over the web.

17. That this country, confiding in the wisdom and integrity of the American Citizen , pay all due respect and submission to such measures as may be recommended by them to the communities, for the restoration and establishment of our just rights, civil and faith beliefs, and for renewing that harmony and union between Congress, Executive, and Judicial Branch of the United States so earnestly wished for by all good American Citizens.

18. That whereas the universal uneasiness which prevails among all orders of American Citizens, arising from the wicked and oppressive measures of the present administration, may influence some unthinking persons to commit outrage upon private property; we would heartily recommend to all persons of this community, not to engage in any routs, riots, or licentious attacks upon the properties of any person whatsoever, as being subversive of all order and government; but, by a steady, intelligent, uniform, and persevering opposition, to convince our government, that in a contest so important, in a cause so solemn, our conduct shall be such as to merit the approbation of the wise, and the admiration of the brave and free of every age and of every country.

19. That should our government, by any sudden maneuvers, render it necessary to ask the aid and assistance of our brethren in the country, some one of the committee of correspondence, or a select representative of such community, or the community adjoining, where such hostilities shall commence, or shall be expected to commence, shall dispatch email with written messages to the select citizen, or committees of correspondence, of the several communities in the vicinity, with a written account of such matter, who shall dispatch others to committees more remote, until proper and sufficient information be obtained and revealed internationally on the internet.


Friday, November 28, 2008

10 Simple Steps to end the American Crisis

People scream Change, but they do not want it. That is obvious in the Republican and Democratic Party Congressional Spending. Quietly our industry has been sent overseas creating the consumer nation. We have not truly realized the cost. The cost in a service nation is lower wages and the dumbing of America. Economic slaves are quite controllable. Slaves will complain, but they won't take action because they are used to the slavery. The slaves want freedom but will not sacrifice to achieve it. As little as they have, they are used to it. That is America today. We are economic slaves and we are so used to our condition we only complain and use buzz words like change, but will not take initiative to make it happen. I was talking with a friend and told her the simple solutions to our economic mess, and she agreed the solutions are correct. She then asked why if the answers are so simple won't our government who is supposed to have the best leaders and minds make the changes. My response is, first our leaders are not the best minds. Our leaders are privileged elite that bought their way into the elitist community, much like Rome. They aren't smart, they are simply rich. Second, the simple changes to be made are great change and would create chaos, because no one really wants to change.
Here it is:
1. Tap corporate profit levels to 25% net profit, the pork disappears.
2. Tap daily periodic rates to .02% the debt can finally be paid and Americans will again have a spendable income. Currently all consumer debt interest is designed so the debt can never be paid. Interest rates are increased to lower spendable income of debtor.
3. Fund green technology entrepreneurs and reopen neighborhood community factories shut down.
4. Redefine insurance protection. Health insurance companies are the greatest frauds on the American people. Health insurance companies take in billions of dollars and pay millions. Health insurance companies have inflated health care costs to obscene levels. This is true with all insurance. Dental, Vision, Pharmaceutical, Auto, Home, and Life insurance. Americans spend 1/3 of their incomes on insurances of some sort or another. The pay back on this 1/3 of spendable income is barely non existent. We pay out far more than we ever get in return. A 25% profit cap on insurance companies would help, but we need to deflate the insurance prices and use insurance as our investment. We should get profit if we don’t use it.
5. Education must be overhauled. A child should not be judged by tests created to define intelligence. Schools should be in a community. Curriculum should be based on creativity following a guideline. All education should be free and supported. Neighborhoods should have community play areas with children being involved in the selection of play activities and this should include creativity.
6. Local fruit and vegetable gardens should be a part of every neighborhood and community. It would be a small park area in every neighborhood and the community would be involved in the care and upkeep with equal distribution of the harvest to residents.
7. Recreate a protectionist government until community jobs are again providing America with a strong industrial manufacturing country and being the leader in green technology. Kennedy had the space age. We can have the green age. America can exceed all other countries with our minds, hard work, and American drive right in our own country.
8. Close down immigration allowing only student visa. Australia already has the best example of tight immigration and we should follow the guide. America is over populated and the economy is strictley service and consumerism. We need to rebuild and survive on our own technology and resources. America must shut down immigration. We are over populated and the strain is showing.
9. Diversity has to go and unity has to thrive. No more national identifications. You are American. No more understanding a personal family culture, the culture must be American.
10. A stronger division of Church and State must be reinstated. Religious philosophy and ideology must not be a moral standard of any government.
These are my 10 simple steps to solving our crisis. What do you think? Do people really want change? These steps could save our nation, but will the committees think or do this? Do you agree that slaves are so controlled these steps would cause chaos? DO WE REALLY WANT CHANGE? The answer is these steps would be fought every step of the way. Like Rome our country will collapse into itself because we really don't want Change. We will not change to release our bonds.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Governor Sarah Palin - Thank you.

Governor Palin was a breath of fresh air in a stuffy, arrogant, self centered, snobbish, and elitist world of Presidential Politics. John McCain and Barry Obama are both snobbish elitists. So was Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Ted Kennedy, Romney, Crist, etc and the list goes on.
Look at the record. Governor Palin has 85% approval rating in Alaska. Even after the title of Governor was attached she can still be found talking with a voter in a grocery store or a school meeting. Governor Palin worked to get help and care for her constituents. She represents the voters that elected her. How many Governors in America have this approval rating or talk to voters after an election? I can assure that in Florida if I even approached Governor Crist to ask to speak with him about an issue, I would be shot on the spot. Crist lives in an ivory tower right now and to hell with the people that voted him there. He only worries about the solar pool the people of Florida sacrificed to give him so he could have an energy efficient tan. What about a bipartisan cabinet? Governor Palin created one and works together with them? Can you say this about McCain? It would never happen. Already you see Barry Obama putting together a completely Democrat cabinet and shades of Clinton Administration taking over the White House once again. Where are the women in the glass ceilings that Obama whined on and on about? Poor Toot, she worked so hard and was slammed by the glass ceiling. I don’t see Barry Obama paying his male and female staff the same, much less equalizing male and female representation in the government. I certainly don’t see Barry Obama praising his American half sister for her sacrifices of caring for his mother and grandmother while he touted his black bail out dad and pursued his own selfish goals.
Governor Palin has a far more balanced cabinet in gender equality. The press and media sliced, diced, and shredded a woman that deserves far more respect in accomplishment than any of the male candidates. I never saw Obama in a speedo carrying a dead fetus. I won’t go there with McCain in a speedo. Everything Governor Palin said was twisted and turned.
Here are the facts: The blacks received freedom and the right to vote in the 1800’s. They did not participate in great numbers in the civil war that gave them their freedom to vote. The civil war was fought with the blood of white soldiers. It is true the civil war was fought over power control of the industrial north trying to access and keep control of the natural resource south, but the boon was freedom and the right to vote for the black slave. Women on the other hand had to fight alone. The women were beaten, starved, force fed, tortured, and imprisoned to obtain the freedom and voting privileges that the blacks were handed. It wasn’t until the 1900’s that women obtained their freedom and right to vote.
Here we have it again. Geraldine Ferraro, a democratic vp candidate, was also boiled in the oil of media and the press. Not once was it said for either woman that this was a bold and innovative move. Not once were people reminded that Indira Gandhi was the greatest leader India ever had, Golda Meir was one of the greatest leaders Israel every had with her folksy kitchen cabinet. Did we forget that Queen Elizabeth I was the greatest ruler Britain had? Did we forget that Russia still touts Catherine the Great? Have we forgotten that Bhutto was slain because she also dared enter a male dominated world?
Governor Palin is my Princess of Hearts. Just like Princess Diana that was sliced, diced, and shredded by the inner elitist camp and the media, Governor Palin is my princess of the heart.
Thank you Governor Palin for being strong and living through the nightmare you had to endure. Thank you to the First Dude for being the truly strong and self confident male he is. Thank you Governor Palin for being an icon and shining light in a dull, stuffy, snobbish, and patriarchal world.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

War on Financial Greed! Calling American Warriors!

Financial Control – An American Citizen Initiative

FACT: The United States Government bailed out failing financial institutions with American Tax Dollars. The Prime rate was lowered to boost the economy. Financial Institutions were allowed to buy out other financial institutions such as Washington Mutual, Capital One, and Chase by J.P. Morgan. The government lowered the required collateral to these financial institutions to boost the American economy.
FACT: J.P. Morgan promised profit to the elite wealthy shareholders of their company. J.P. Morgan is following this promise by doubling and nearly tripling previous Chase and Capital One cardholders APR interest rates. Previous daily periodic rates have jumped from .032% to as high as .0981%.
FACT: USUARY LAWS put .10 daily periodic rate as loan sharking and punishable as a crime. J.P. Morgan and other financiers are under .10 but only by .02.
FACT: The American working citizen is paying for the buyout and paying exorbitant finance fees to the greedy financiers.
REALITY: The American Working Citizen is losing house, car, job, medical care, dental care, and savings in this bailout. The American Working Citizen is walking away from financial debt with nothing leaving the fewer and fewer American Working Citizen to foot the higher financial debt at higher and higher finance rates. The GREED of the elite financial groups continues to be fed without respite.
REALITY: Unless Americans take initiative, the elite financial groups will reinstate work houses, poor houses, and financial slavery through legislation.
REALITY: The American Working Citizen must take back control of our economy now before it is too late. If we do nothing, our economy will collapse.
HOPE: Send email, mail, copy this poster, blog, and contact in any way our legislators and representatives legal, financial, and governmental. Demand that a cap of .06% daily periodic rates be legislated on any and all financial debt by financial lenders of any sort including foreign lenders.
DEMAND: A cap of .06% on daily periodic rates with excess punishable by imprisonment. This must be a USUARY LAW across every State in the United States and Federally Monitored.
We the working people are honorable American Citizens willing to pay our debt. We must have reasonable parameters in order to do this, and the GREED of the Financiers must be controlled.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

My Political Platform

I have chosen my candidate for President of the United States. This is the first time I truly feel I am selecting the least of two evils. The final selection to me is based on only one issue, the economic plan. Both of the plans are ridiculous and ill advised, but my selected candidate is the least of the two evils in this election. America will fall. It will fall faster with one candidate over the other.
As for the rest of the candidates and their frustrating rhetoric and buzz words, along with the gullibility of the American public to be swayed by Public Relations Firms and Marketing Firms continually drive me to complete frustration. I do not know what dimension I live in, because the American Presidential Candidates and Vice Presidential Candidates do not live in my world. The American public doesn’t even seem to want straight talk. I will give straight talk; this is my real dimensional world.
A. Babbling about punishing the bad greedy guys in Wall Street is useless rhetoric. Those CEO and CFO billion dollar bonus guys have left the building. Those crooks were long gone with their golden parachutes, diamonds, emeralds, rubies, gold, silver, and bonds. The focus should be on STG. (Stop the Greed). Here is another fact – Greed is the food of Greed.
B. The health insurance plans are not the issue. Health plans are not the problem. Greed is the problem. Insurance groups are raking in billions of dollars annually. The groups increase premiums, cut payments, and increase out of pocket. The facts are the insurance groups force doctors to raise costs to make a profit to buy into their consumer greed. The insurance groups rake in billions, give less to doctors (forcing cheap HMO’s. Remember physicians and medical personnel have to pay insurance also.), make participants pay more out of pocket, make participants pay higher premiums, and only pay out millions.
C. The economy of the United States is based on construction and consumerism. It is not a republic or democracy. The United States is an over developed consumer state run by the corporation for the corporation.
D. Education, Environment, Retirement, Job security, Job exploitation, and worker’s compensation are not even considered in the reality dimension of the United States Presidency and Congress.
E. The taxation programs of both candidates will burden the working poor to the breaking point. The working poor will no longer be able to give any more and the entire economy will fall.
This is what needs to be done to save America. This is the change our republic must achieve to survive:
A. The tax structure must be changed to a fair tax. All financial loopholes banished. The tax rate must be a sliding scale. The no income to low income a small percent, the middle income a larger percent, the wealthy a higher percent, the elite wealthy a very large percent.
B. Education and the Environment must become the second priority issue. Nuclear power is not the only answer. There are river turbines, solar panel advancements, wind turbines, as well as nuclear power replacements for fossil fuel power already in the wings. The greedy are trying to figure out how to keep the profit when all the technology does not require fluctuating and financial playing prices like fossil fuel. River Turbines, Solar Energy, and wind turbines are relatively free with only upkeep costs. The educational system of public schools, grading, testing, and schooling must be completely revamped. All education especially to the highest levels must be free and available to all Americans regardless of race, religious creed, or age. (I can explain the new system quickly; children can enter schools and any grade at any age. Basic subjects are taught at a young age, but forced curriculum will be eliminated at higher levels. Children, parents, and educators could direct higher learning for subjects students show excellence. Education must be elective and pursued through interest by the student.)
C. STG “Stop the Greed”. The first greed can be easily handled. The first greed is corporate greed. The answer of control is quite simple. Any corporation, conglomerate, large, medium, or small cannot exceed a 50% net profit. If any company exceeds a 50% net profit the corporation will be taxed in the following manner. 50 to 75% net profit would be taxed at 25% of the gross profit. 75 to 100% profit would be taxed at 50% of the gross profit. Any net profit margin over 100% would immediately be under investigation by the government with sanctions including the possible take over of the company by the American people. All corporations must register in the United States and subject to all American taxation programs regardless of any foreign base. Corporations, companies, or conglomerates can keep profits at 25% by any means beneficial to the economy of the Unites States including return of manufacturing in America, increased pay and benefits for employees, environmental production and planning, and security of job income with both worker compensation and retirement packages for the employee. Another suggestion to keep 25 to 50% net profit would be the return to an eight hour work day on a 5 day work week, excluding public and health services. In turn, with more spendable income, Americans could once again save and invest for the future. Americans would also need to STG. Understanding a teen does not need a new car, a family does not need a 36” plasma TV in every room, a family does not need six cell phones, five computers, name brand clothes, a 4,000 square foot million dollar house for a family of four, expensive electronic toys, etc. Focus should be on the family needs, not wants.
D. Health care including health, vision, dental, and life insurance would again return to a family doctor, dentists, ophthalmologists, and planning agents with realistic costs. All health care be provided by amounts determined by number of individuals (controlling population the more in your family, the more you pay, but if you can afford the family, you can have more.) in family paid directly from employee wages to a government health care agency that is controlled by elected officials with new elections every six years.
E. All elections for all federal, state, county, and city officials to be held once every six years. The Judges of the Supreme Court, President of the United States, and United States Senators would be allowed to serve only one six year term.
F. Retirement packages for all government officials would be identical to retirement packages of all American Workers, no exceptions. To serve the people should be the goal of the elected officials. There should be no other incentive other than to govern for the benefit of the people they represent.
G. The economy must change from Development and Consumerism to stewardship toward the environment and each other. Controlled manufacturing, self sufficiency in green environment jobs and living, as well as American security.
These are the foundations of my platform requirements for a leader.

Nature is sending us warnings.

The strangest senses have been occurring to me. Today at my weekend job during my break I felt a powerful change in pressure. The weather had not changed, but I felt a breeze from north. I thought perhaps a pressure system had passed through even though the weather did not change. When I left my car, I always take my break in the solitude of my car; I felt the breezes again come from the south. These were hot and humid breezes. When the pressure changed the one breeze had been dry and cool.
I felt this change was significant. I determined that for the past two weeks I have felt that something is going to happen. It is going to be a catastrophe. The impact is going to significantly change thought not only in the United States, but the world. I am not a prophet or seer. I only claim to be sensitive to my environment. My friend Pat came to me after death and told me there is not Old Man God, but there are powerful forces. These forces are both benevolent and malevolent. I believe all of us can sense this and are aware of these forces. Spirituality and Religion give them different names, but the forces can be powerful and felt.
I sensed this shift. Within the month and before or near our American elections, there is going to be a catastrophe. Whether this force will be malevolent or actually benevolent, I do not know. I do not know when, where, what, or how, but it will happen. I do not know if this catastrophe is man made using malevolence or a natural malevolence. It could be a natural benevolence to balance an imbalance, but it will happen. We as the human race will be affected.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Time for a Real Change in America

I listened to analysis. I listened to experts rate the candidates. I did hear from these supposed political experts something I did agree with, neither of these men have an understanding of the working poor. These two candidates are completely removed from working poor reality, I want neither to represent me and my country. Both candidates are of the head and not the heart. People loved or hated Princess Diana. She was imperfect and did un-royal things, but she did generate emotions and the common man identified with her.

So here is the subject I present. The economy is in a turmoil. The fat cats will get free money and the working poor will pay. Here is my twist. Is it the fault of the greedy fat cats? Where does responsibility really fall? No one twisted or broke a consumer's arm to purchase a home they knew they could not afford. No one forces people to spend beyond their means. No one forces people to have the biggest and best, house, furniture, car, vacation, TV, electronics, and clothes. Do they make them feel better? Better than what or whom? It is about time the American people realize the responsibility of this economic crisis falls on our individual shoulders. We are the most wasteful and greedy people in the world regarding material goods and wealth. We the people must change ourselves, before we can correct the failing American economy.

Who is really at fault in the economic crisis? Maybe it is time the people face the mirror of reality. It is time for a change. It is time for us, the American people, to change. We the people set our life style, our goals, our standards. We need to change and move into a true stewardship toward the earth and our fellow inhabitants.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Responsibility and Understanding the true wealth.

My thoughts are racing in comprehension and I need to put down into words what enlightenment has come to me. I finished listening to “Audacity of Hope” by Barrack Obama. I finished with an intent feeling of confusion. This man thinks and feels as I do with one great difference. I do not dwell in the past or in my fantasy. Obama clearly sees the issues facing America in economics, health, education, and lack of Unity in America. Although he clearly sees the issues, he has no clear understanding of the issues and no plan of action.
I also left the book with two clear thoughts. Perhaps I should reconsider my plan about voting for Sarah Palin? (No, I am not voting for McCain although I respect him for his service in Vietnam – but I feel he too, is lost as to understanding what is really going on in our global economy much less the issues facing America.) The second thought was a feeling that I definitely needed to listen to Obama’s other book, “Dreams of My Father”. I also started to read the Biography of Sarah Palin and read a collection of her speeches. I wanted to give both candidates equal opportunity.
It is important to understand that I do not care about sex or race regarding any position that I am in charge of. I try to place the most qualified candidate in a specific position and could not care the least what PR and Marketing people create or give illusion. Race and gender are both equally influenced by the marketing propaganda of the corporations.
As an author, I also know that if you really want to know the values, emotions, and ideals of an author, read their books.
I continued on my investigations of both people through their books. “Dreams of my Father” is very revealing and set a solid foundation to the subtle feelings I perceived in the book, “Audacity of Hope.” What I am sensing from these books is Obama’s belief he is a combination of Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr., and Gandhi. He sees himself as uniting the Black Race as a heroic leader and bring pride to Black Americans that only the White People in America seem to possess. He sees that his election will bring a black unification and pride to his people, his heritage of a Black Kenyan. He wants to be Abraham Lincoln. These are his personal, selfish, and unrealistic dreams. I do not believe even Obama is conscious of his true and ultimate goal. Like many of us, we fool our conscious into believing higher and lofty goals for the good of the order. In reality it is the selfish egotism of the self – Power and Glory. Oh yes, he can be the American President, but these are different times. He cannot be Lincoln, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Jr., or Gandhi. I sense Obama dwells in the time of Civil Rights. I see his goal as creating the past Civil Rights issues to justify an imbalance of his personal inner conflict of being both races, although he definitely has chosen the Black Race because he sees it as cool and the potential for martyrdom-glory-reverence-black pride? Obama is not an evil man, but absolute power breeds absolute corruption. We should keep this adage in our thoughts. I do believe Obama sees his goals as lofty, but another adage comes to mind. Of all the people we lie to; we lie to ourselves the most.
Yes, this is true of all people, not just Obama, but review without rose colored glasses his qualification for the office. There is in my reading and judgment that projects a potential re-creation of a conflict based on past history. Again, it is the use of a common enemy for gains of power, glory, and or wealth. It keeps the soul from growing and understanding the true place of one in the earth, solar system, and universe. The common enemy continually provides energy to the darker forces of the universe. The common enemy is the black hole that sucks out happiness and contentment.
I’m surprised Obama still hasn’t seen the truth after his experiences as an organizer in Chicago. Obama already sees clearly the immediate issues that need to be addressed, acted upon, but not solved. He only knew the black mayor of Chicago gave black people a sense of pride. I was just as proud when JFK a Catholic Irish heritage man was president. It made me feel good and a pride in my heritage, but even as a young child I knew that pride would not change me or my circumstance in any way or form. I lived through the Civil Rights. I watched what was marketed on TV. I cried for the pain of the protesters. I applauded them for the courage I did not have. I was proud that they took a stand for what they believed in. Yet, I was too embroiled in my own miserable life. I was still a child trying to make sense of my existence and sad state. I accept my responsibility for my childhood choices. I am what I am today because of these choices. I like who and what I am today. Right or wrong choice is not relevant. I made my choice and those formed me into what I am. We should learn to be proud of our success and failure and not dwell on them. The past is history to learn from, not dwell in.
Barrack Obama wished he could have felt and understood his friend’s experience. He wanted to live in a ghetto housing unit in Chicago. He wanted that black experience.
I say, why is that only a black experience? I was raised in a white ghetto housing unit in Milwaukee. I was raised in poverty and the horrors of a cruel welfare system. I was raised in the sadness and despair of my parents. Why does Obama believe this is only his black pride and sorrow issue? Black or White trash is treated with scorn and disdain regardless. It is the inherent emotional need of humanity to find or make a reason to feel better about themselves over the bodies of other humans. It is no different in the animal world when other animals dominate a pride or herd. Perhaps we need to address that animal part of us and not focus on a specific race, gender, or spiritual idea.
Below are points we should understand before we continue to embrace the idea that some animals are better than other animals: (Animal Farm)
1. Humans must start to take responsibility. This responsibility is for their happiness, choices, and stewardship in compatibility with the earth. Issues of Race, gender, and individual spiritual ideas must be completely discarded.
2. Humans must learn to separate needs from wants.
3. Humans must learn to understand happiness and/ or wealth is completely separate from material goods, power, and/or greed.
4. Humans need to understand their role and true balance within the environment of all creatures sharing the earth.
5. Humans need to practice inner analysis.
6. Acceptance of different talents should be recognized, pursued, and appreciated.

How can these points be addressed?
1. Our earth needs a cleansing. Overpopulation must be addressed immediately.
2. A new educational curriculum and system of education. The system adapted to talents of individuals and progression in education along the talent path. Education should and must be voluntary, not mandatory, or forced. Education should not begin until the individual’s talents are recognized. Ages must and should not be assigned to levels.
3. A new culture must be created. The society new society would focus on the oneness and unity. Marketing, greed, and concept of wealth must be obliterated. Higher values on knowledge, understanding, and stewardship must replace the old material concepts.
4. The society fixation on Race, Gender, and Spiritual dogma must be erased.
5. Individual responsibility must be assigned to only the individual including the understanding and approval of the community.
6. Appreciation for the natural cycles of birth, life, and death must finally be accepted as the natural order. Respect for the cycle of birth, life, and death as natural should be instilled within the society. Respect for all stages of the life circle must be a part of society.

Be careful of your choices, but never regret them. Good or Bad choices are a part of our life. Take responsibility for your choices. Accept them as who and what you are and learn the good and the bad from your choices. It is not for us to dominate or control a world, a mate, a child, and/or an animal. We are charged with being in harmony with our world, mate, child, animal, society, and peer.

In conclusion I will give Obama his due. His speeches are stirring. His speeches are what Americans want to hear and generate patriotic stirrings. Unfortunately I am too old to be swayed by such patriotic platitudes. A person’s true soul is revealed in the writings. Even in the speeches between the lines I hear the racism, the picking of sides. I do not feel our community, our country, or our souls will benefit from the fixation of one race over another, or one gender over another, or one spiritual idea over another. I am too old to lose my individualism to a mass mind. I am too old to fall into the past and live there when hope is really found in everyday in the present with every new idea and piece of knowledge. Hope is found in the understanding of the self in relationship to the future. Hope can never be found dwelling in the past and seeing hurt. Hope is found in living after the pain and growing with new knowledge and understanding. Hope does not need Audacity. Hope is or is not.

To the world I give my Haiku. In understanding I give it you for thought.

A child in the womb,
A gift growing to life.
In pain love is born.

PS This writing is not an endorsement of McCain or an attack against Obama. This is not democratic or republican. This is my senses on overdrive with caution to warn all on the responsibility of choice. It is my purpose to share the disconcertion I felt after listening to the “Audacity of Hope” and the terrible comprehension I felt after listening to “Dreams of my Father.” There is never a right or wrong choice, there is only the choice and the responsibility it brings. These are my interpretations. I strongly urge you to listen or read both books and make your own interpretation. Obama did end “Dreams of my Father” with a speech. He did say in the speech that Knowledge is power. He is right. He is also right when referring to knowledge with the strength of community is the greatest strength. I cannot agree when the power is biased to one side. I also noted that where Obama saw sorrow, poverty, and unhappiness I saw joy, love, wealth, and identity. Yes, both of us lived and visited other countries. I always thought I was a pessimist. I see compared to others, I am an optimist. To me, the greatest wealth is within and not without.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Contact - Meet yourself in the Dimensions of the Universe

I am quite hesitant when family or friends ask me to read books they have found inspirational. I do not believe in the word, inspirational. My father always said you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. There we go, how easily it is understood. Someone else’s experience, meditation, prayer, religion, or ideas have never moved me to action. What works for one usually does not work for another no matter what type of zealot in focus one becomes. I usually view these inspirational books as New Age Clap Trap that have no purpose other than make money for the author and publisher.
I did force myself to listen to the book Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. No! Emphatically No! It did not inspire me. I did not find it inspirational. I did not want to give everything up and move to Italy to Eat, India to pray, or Indonesia to love. I am aware I would never find what she found.
I do admit that listening to the book while she was in India produced RECOGNITION. Note: I felt recognition, not inspiration. It all began when I heard her quote Swami G. “Prayer is talking to God. Meditation is listening to God.” That was recognition of us. Yes, you, the world, and me. The author continued on to her seeking meditation to listen to God and God is within us. BOOM! The Recognition.
The author went on that while standing in an auditorium she went into deep meditation, or the Hand of God. Suddenly she described she understood everything and wanted to stay there, but was quickly pulled away. The author described it as a wonderful euphoric feeling as if she belonged to the universe. There was the answer. We are the universe.
Many times these wonderful feelings of euphoria have been entering my life on a daily basis. It is such a good feeling I treasure them more and more. I thought to try entering this euphoria with my will and when I felt like it. How easily it is done. I just think it and I am there.
A friend of mine constantly reminds me that we make our world from our choices. This is so true, but it is so much more than that. We can truly live in different dimensions of the universe with a thought. There is no need for arduous meditation. We merely need to accept our part in the universe as a part of the universe.
When my departed from this three dimensional world came to visit me in my dream dimension she showed me the choices of dimension both in and out of this dimension. It is easy to understand that we have made a choice to currently reside in a three dimensional material world and pull ourselves back into more than enjoying the capability of dwelling in other dimensions of our choice. Some of our other dimensional choices may include power, lust, greed, anger, or rage. We can also visit choices of peace, harmony, light, or joy. These are individual choices and we draw the energy of these dimensions into our physical three-dimensional material world.
The good news is that the more people that realize the simplicity of pulling positive energy will result in a positive physical three-dimensional world. Yes, a better world is that simple. This is the choice we can make for our future.
The bad news is that this energy pulling is so simple that we do more negative energy pulling and all those that have power over us and we allow having power over us have been pulling this energy without the knowledge of how they are doing it.
I cannot help but remember the wisdom of Yoda from Star Wars when talking to Luke Skywalker. “You must unlearn what you have learned.” “Do or do not. There is no try.” “Judge me by my size, do you?” Our size, shape, caste, or color has no relevance to the energy we draw in the experience of this life.
It is so simple. It is so easy. “Let yourself go!” The only thing that truly is required to step into these different dimensions is quiet and solitude. You cannot try on for size these different dimensions if you are being bombarded by stimulus from work, school, peers, teachers, parents, children, family, or friends.
When you are alone, close your eyes and draw what energy you truly desire. If it is true that we all want happiness or contentment, you can find it in those quiet moments when you release yourself from this physical world and step into the dimension of your choice.
Have you ever wondered why anyone looks so angelic in sleep? They have released their consciousness into other dimensions of choice. In sleep we release the physical. It can be done in silence and solitude without sleep. It explains why some can see the spirits of departed, the future, precognition, or other supposedly paranormal talents. I have always said, ‘The paranormal is merely unexplained science.’ The explanation is this simple, we are part of the universe and our universe is a part of us. (Recognition from the book only described differently.) None of us are unique but each of us is unique like a snowflake. Our energy vacillates from one dimension to another. Currently I am in this physical dimension. I chose it. I live in it. I respond to it. It is an experience, but I no longer limit myself to it. I finally have reached the point in my life that I finally accept my other dimensions. I’m probably choosing my next, as the Hindus put it, incarnation. But, I am also finding a serenity and joy upon discovering my capability to realize I can do this, you can do this, and we all can do this. I do not have to meditate and raise this physical body five feet off the ground to prove my ability to meditate. I merely think in quiet and sample the meditation. It’s great!
We must also realize we cannot always live in other dimensions. These are visits. We chose this incarnation and are obligated to experience it in full. We can create a bubble in it for reprieve, but we live here to experience its energies and powers. We can surround powers and energies around us. We can step out when we must escape the power and energies of others that are wielding their power without knowledge and control of it. It is just a part of this experience.
Read the book Eat Pray Love if you are looking for someone else to give you an answer. (Hint: You won’t find it from her but it is an enjoyable read). Read the book if you want a hint on your own self-discovery. (Hint: In this case I recommend the book. Something may jolt you into recognition). The answer can only be found in your individual snowflake in the wonder of the universe.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

The force!

It is believed that good and evil is in balance. The universe is not so simple. There are many forces in the universe and are not in balance. There is a constant shifting of forces. This balance is unstable and can sway in waves to one force or another. The simplest breakdown of the forces is not dual. The simplest breakdown is triune.
There is the seeker, the controller, and the existing. The seeker is a positive balance. The seeker uses forces of knowledge, understanding, serenity, peace, security, and contentment. The controller is negative. The controller uses forces of fear, greed, lust, self-indulgence, possession, and pain. The existing is neutral. The existing does not use a force of any kind. The existing float on the waves of other forces. The existing can be pulled in either direction and makes no effort to change a course. These forces are universal within our earth, solar systems, and galaxies.
Sadly this world is overpopulated with energy that is existing. The existing have the energy to choose either the seeker or the controller. The existing are not. Instead the existing is weighing down the forces. The controllers are in minority, but their power force is the greatest. The existing weight is shifting to the controllers. The seekers are in a smaller minority. With the existing in the greatest numbers and pulling to the controllers, the seekers are blending into the existing to survive. The balance of seekers and controllers has been lost. The written history of man has only recorded the masses of existing floating with the controllers.
The weight of the existing has reached critical mass. The earth can no longer sustain the imbalance. A new world is coming.
This is the reality of the new earth after cleansing. The masses of the existing will perish. The controllers will become the minority. Only the seekers will survive the cleansing.
You ask why the greater force will be the seekers? The answer is simple. The existing weight is too great and since they do not use their life force for any reason, they will perish. The controllers use their life force for possessions, power, greed, lust, and control. All this material will be lost in the cleansing and the controllers will not survive. The seekers survive because they do not require all but the simplest of needs and are more tuned to the environment. Knowledge will aid in survival.
This is the reason there is the biblical reference to the new world of heaven. The controllers are needed but will not be swaying the existing to negative energy use. The existing will have been culled and will no longer be weighing down all energy. The result is a positive new world with a closer natural balance.
It is a new hope. Fear is a part of the swaying toward the controllers. Be light my children. The existing good have chosen the seekers, but did not. It really does not matter for the cleansing will come either way. The sorrow is that all would have had a happier existence if they had chosen the seekers.
Celebrate the cleansing. The balance will return with the sway being on the positive existence. Accept the natural order of the universe. Make a wise choice.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

An interesting discussion today.

I shared an interesting discussion today. One of my favorite people that I work with shared her thoughts today. I find her to be very advanced in comprehension of life.
She said to me that it is almost like people today are dead. I agreed. We discussed that the people of today, especially the youth, seem to be self-focused, lack creativity, and require constant stimulus. We agreed the children of the twenty first century do not have proper focus and concentration. The children of the twenty first century are not taught history, math, and language skills required for a proper functioning social order.
Without communicating and functioning order chaos will result. Chaos will result quickly when the stimuli, comfort, and lifestyle are taken away. We do no longer know how to deal socially with other humanity.
This has happened quickly over the last century. Industrialization did play its part, but in these last twenty years humanity has not only isolated itself in suburban city centers, the community has disappeared. Jobs are no longer local. Jobs are centralized in cities. We traverse from a suburb cubicle called house into a metal cubicle called car. We leave the cubicle car to a cubicle called office. The driving and work cycle is generally ten to eleven hours of a 24-hour day. We should use eight hours of sleep per day. This leaves us primarily four to five hours per day. We spend this time in our house cubicle with family. Or do we spend time with our family. A man is expected to fix, repair, or landscape. The woman is expected to cook, clean, and care for the offspring. While the adults may be accomplishing their tasks, the offspring are being entertained with techno products.
In the evening the children may isolate their minds with video games while their parents isolate their minds with TV and or cellular conversations. Every room has a television. Families now have two and maybe up to four computers. Every family member has a cellular phone keeping in contact with unseen acquaintances through electronic conversation and texting. Texting shortcuts remove even more the understandable languages of communication. Within our family units that are already lost in the isolation from community we are isolating the individual from the family.
Truly we are the walking dead. Without understanding our environment, developing our community, and respecting our family, we are the walking dead. Humanity cannot survive without identity. Identity dies without communication, family, and community.
My friend noted that we are so isolated from each other we have lost compassion and respect. I could not agree more.
We sadly lack in understanding what respect is. Respect has nothing to do with the current fashion trend, new techno gadget, video expertise, or simply put, ‘who has the most toys’. Respect is complicated. Respect is understanding your environment, interacting with community, and communicating with family to understand your identity.
Separating from community and family creates confusion in identity creating stress and chaos.
Our current lifestyles are extremely destructive. We are rapidly losing are ability to create, restore, and maintain identity. We are being marketed our perceptions instead of developing our individual perception by experience, communication, and family heritage. When our perceptions are controlled by marketed perceptions and controlled stimuli we as a society lose creativity. When a society loses creativity the stagnation begins. Stagnation is the first step in decomposition. On a global scale humanity is decaying.
All of this means that when a natural and or a financial disaster occurs the people will not be able to survive. There will be violent chaos. Destruction of each other will be Apocalyptic.
Hear my words!
Those attuned to nature and the environment will survive. Learn from these errors. Family, Community, and Education including history of the family will help develop a better world.
Do not create a God in man’s image. Do not create a religion to control. Follow the path of the true ancients. Blend with and understand nature. Appreciate and value all life from the tiny grain of sand to the whale shark. Understand the life cycle and see the beauty of the universe including the one planet we share with all life.
We can make a choice to embrace absolute destruction of all mankind or build a new and better world.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Skeletons at the Feast - call to understand our need today.

I recommend reading Skeletons at the Feast. Read it to understand the reality of war and the destruction this dark side and insanity of leadership brings with it for all peoples on earth. It is time to look inside and build a new world.
I do not view this story as history, a rehash of the holocaust, or another WWII story.
I view the book as a reminder of the war we are involved in now. Does anyone comprehend the horror of war other than the people that must live and die in it? What happened in 1944 and 1945 is being repeated in the Middle East.
We as Americans today are crumbling under the costs of insane leadership. We must choose to eat or buy gas. We are beginning to feel the economic fall of our country under the burden of an insane and cruel war for the benefit of insane leadership and the power lust and greed of a few.
The Germans, Jews, Prisoners of War, and Russians are being played out yet again. This time there are the American, Muslims, Sunnis, and camps. The brutality of soldiers on either side continues, the horrors of death and destruction, the horrors of brutality and bestiality of mankind, and suffering of innocent families is real. It is not some story we read and tsk about things in the past. We pompously condemn the Germans and Russians as animals without conscience. We condemn the Germans for closing their eyes to the insanity of their leader.
I have my eyes open as I read this book and see the past repeated. I see the insanity of our leaders. I feel the terror and sadness of a family I have corresponded with in Iraq. This family like the others was a prosperous middle class people that had to abandon their house, friends, and wealth to survive. They are Sunnis fleeing to Syria and trying desperately to find work and survive. There are prisoners of war tortured by Americans and Muslims not for information, but the thrill of bestiality. The dark nature of man is on both sides. There is excitement to control and degrade others.
I know a woman from Nicaragua who as a child was in the middle of political war in her country. This woman as a child had an automatic weapon held to her head. What other horrors happened to others I do not know. This is the reality of war. It is not just the death of soldiers and camps, it includes the suffering of innocents.
No my fellow readers, this is a story of reality. This is a story of today. This is a story of what war is regardless of any time period.
WWII fact will match the fact of the Korean conflict, the Vietnam Conflict, Desert Storm, our current Iraq conflict, and yes more wars to come. Some day you just might be in the middle of the terror.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Perceptions are our Reality

I am an avid reader as well as an author. My reading is eclectic, but I stay in fiction genre. One of the reasons is as an author I realize it is through fiction many truths can be revealed without fear of repercussion. I write truth mixed with fiction to help write a more accurate sociological history as opposed to textbook conqueror derived history.
I finished reading Mangrove Coast and Dead of Night by Randy Wayne White. The truth mixed in with fiction is incredible. I also finished reading The Whole Truth by David Baldacci is also filled with frightening reality.
As a child my father advised that if I wanted the truth I needed to listen to both sides of a story and the truth would be in the middle. I have developed my own mantra. “There is fact in fiction and fiction in fact.”
Perception is our reality. We need to find accurate perceptions and not be led blindly by other perceptions.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Observe our Environment

The older I get, the more observant I have become. Recently I have discovered that I can eat Cactus. It grows well in Florida. Around my home I have several large Prickly Pear Cactus. I tried the Tuna. They are delicious. I tried eating nopales. They are delicious. I originally planted the cactus to protect my windows from peeping toms. The bedroom windows face the road and I didn’t want anyone accidentally glancing in and seeing a nightmare shock. I am older and my body is anything but sleek, elegant, or something wonderful to look at. I chose Prickly Pear because you do nothing to grow it. You simply throw an ear on the ground and let it grow. Unbelievably I have one that is 15 feet high and 8 feet wide after only 5 years. The front porch has another Prickly Pear close to the same size.
This is the point I am trying to bring across. Many people are planning to face the upcoming disaster that will strike the United States. I was asked what is going to be the monetary unit. Currently, the answer would be Euro Dollars. The European market is much stronger than ours. The workers are much happier and kept better than US workers. When the global disaster comes, we should be aware there wouldn’t be any monetary unit. No matter how much money you have, it will have no value. Diamonds, precious stones, gold, or silver will no longer have value. What will have value are clean water, food, and shelter.
In my dotage I have becoming more aware of my environment. I have started studying cultures that survive simply and in harmony with nature. All of our current food products will no longer be available. You will not be able to stockpile food reserves for any great length of time since our foods are processed and will spoil after a length of time known as shelf life. We will have to once again grow our food without starving between the different growing seasons. One way to survive is to learn and understand the natural grocery store surrounding us.
I was talking to my neighbor today. She was proudly showing me a natural ground cover she had discovered. We had discussed ceasing the growing of English lawn grass and allowing natural drought resistant ground covers to take over. The plant she showed me was a succulent. She had a natural cactus appearing in her yard without human intervention. It made me understand instantly that nature is already changing because of the climactic changes. Florida is no longer a sub tropical place. It is turning into an arid land. We should start paying more attention to what is already happening around us. We should learn what natural foods surround us and it is not a frozen dinner or McDonalds.
With love,
White Calf Buffalo Woman

Monday, June 2, 2008

The Ancient Wisdoms

Once again I have heard of the coming of Armageddon. The end of the world nears. The references to I Ching, the Torah, the Great Pyramid, the Mayan Calendar, Nostradamus, and of course the prophecy of Malachi. The end is scheduled for December 21, 2012.
How this end is supposed to occur, no one really knows. Or do they? If the end is to come by a massive shift in orbit when all planets align, the astronomers already know. If the end is to come by a massive meteor slamming into earth, the astronomers already know. I believe it is one of the above.
Why? The ancients were far more aware of their environment than this current highly technical, self centered, ego centered, and destructive society. The ancients understood the movement of the universe and the energy entwined. It wasn’t until the destructive ego centered Euro Caucasians conquered the earth that this knowledge was lost and destroyed. The Euro Caucasians were completely ego centered and would not tolerate any knowledge superior to their own. Besides, a conquered race must be kept ignorant to keep them in control.
A new religion was created by the ego centered to accomplish this feat of control. The religion was created by man for Euro Caucasian man. The God was created by Euro Caucasian man in the image of Euro Caucasian man. This new religion was excelled at keeping man ignorant and therefore in control.
In this technical world of the twentieth century, humanity started using the mind and seeking wisdom of the ancients. This could not be tolerated. High tech toys were created to keep the new generation fixated with games. Our planet Mother Earth was pillaged and raped by the destroyers. The masses have once again born ignorance.
Consider the current Twenty First century. We are controlled completely by religion. The God Man Image is disputed and argued to gain control of land, natural resources, and power for a select few. Our food stuffs are polluted with hormones and toxins to keep our slave life short. The old and wise are fired and murdered by medical insurances out for profit and to keep the youth fit enough in servitude. The youth will not live to long since their bodies are poisoned with toxins and hormones. Cancers will ravage the youth and religion control provides for re population of the slave labor force. The difference is the youth don’t have a clue to the reality. The youth are too fixated on the high tech, self important, self indulgent, and ego centered lifestyle to understand what is happening to them.
Ah yes, this all began in the 1970’s. I fell into it. So did a lot of others, but we wise to seek the truth of the ancients. Now we must be destroyed.
Destruction will not occur. Mother Earth will not destroy. She will cleanse herself. The cleaning will be the new World. This is not a time to fear. It is a time to understand. This is a time to rejoice. For all who are wise to learn, do so know. Start becoming aware of your environment. Accept the change about to happen and be as the Willow Tree. Do not stand firm against the wind. Bend with the wind.
Do not focus on the material and food you have now. You will not survive with it. Study the ancients. Study the animals. Follow their path when Mother Earth cleanses herself. If you do this, you will be the good and wonderful future on our new and cleansed planet.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Where to begin.

I admire the families of animal groups and since mankind is a form of animal, I believe we could learn from our surrounding nature.
My first example is of the wolf. The wolf is a community animal. They live in communities and population is kept down since only one woman is chosen to be the alpha female. The other females do not give birth, but nuture the young of the alpha female. The females of the community even lactate to help feed the young. Males do not fight to kill for domination, although they prove their worth to the alpha female by combat. Wolves remain in their own territory and community.
This is an excellent example of population control and nuturing.
Should every female be expected to give birth, or are there other roles a female can do to help the community?