Saturday, September 27, 2008

Time for a Real Change in America

I listened to analysis. I listened to experts rate the candidates. I did hear from these supposed political experts something I did agree with, neither of these men have an understanding of the working poor. These two candidates are completely removed from working poor reality, I want neither to represent me and my country. Both candidates are of the head and not the heart. People loved or hated Princess Diana. She was imperfect and did un-royal things, but she did generate emotions and the common man identified with her.

So here is the subject I present. The economy is in a turmoil. The fat cats will get free money and the working poor will pay. Here is my twist. Is it the fault of the greedy fat cats? Where does responsibility really fall? No one twisted or broke a consumer's arm to purchase a home they knew they could not afford. No one forces people to spend beyond their means. No one forces people to have the biggest and best, house, furniture, car, vacation, TV, electronics, and clothes. Do they make them feel better? Better than what or whom? It is about time the American people realize the responsibility of this economic crisis falls on our individual shoulders. We are the most wasteful and greedy people in the world regarding material goods and wealth. We the people must change ourselves, before we can correct the failing American economy.

Who is really at fault in the economic crisis? Maybe it is time the people face the mirror of reality. It is time for a change. It is time for us, the American people, to change. We the people set our life style, our goals, our standards. We need to change and move into a true stewardship toward the earth and our fellow inhabitants.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Responsibility and Understanding the true wealth.

My thoughts are racing in comprehension and I need to put down into words what enlightenment has come to me. I finished listening to “Audacity of Hope” by Barrack Obama. I finished with an intent feeling of confusion. This man thinks and feels as I do with one great difference. I do not dwell in the past or in my fantasy. Obama clearly sees the issues facing America in economics, health, education, and lack of Unity in America. Although he clearly sees the issues, he has no clear understanding of the issues and no plan of action.
I also left the book with two clear thoughts. Perhaps I should reconsider my plan about voting for Sarah Palin? (No, I am not voting for McCain although I respect him for his service in Vietnam – but I feel he too, is lost as to understanding what is really going on in our global economy much less the issues facing America.) The second thought was a feeling that I definitely needed to listen to Obama’s other book, “Dreams of My Father”. I also started to read the Biography of Sarah Palin and read a collection of her speeches. I wanted to give both candidates equal opportunity.
It is important to understand that I do not care about sex or race regarding any position that I am in charge of. I try to place the most qualified candidate in a specific position and could not care the least what PR and Marketing people create or give illusion. Race and gender are both equally influenced by the marketing propaganda of the corporations.
As an author, I also know that if you really want to know the values, emotions, and ideals of an author, read their books.
I continued on my investigations of both people through their books. “Dreams of my Father” is very revealing and set a solid foundation to the subtle feelings I perceived in the book, “Audacity of Hope.” What I am sensing from these books is Obama’s belief he is a combination of Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr., and Gandhi. He sees himself as uniting the Black Race as a heroic leader and bring pride to Black Americans that only the White People in America seem to possess. He sees that his election will bring a black unification and pride to his people, his heritage of a Black Kenyan. He wants to be Abraham Lincoln. These are his personal, selfish, and unrealistic dreams. I do not believe even Obama is conscious of his true and ultimate goal. Like many of us, we fool our conscious into believing higher and lofty goals for the good of the order. In reality it is the selfish egotism of the self – Power and Glory. Oh yes, he can be the American President, but these are different times. He cannot be Lincoln, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Jr., or Gandhi. I sense Obama dwells in the time of Civil Rights. I see his goal as creating the past Civil Rights issues to justify an imbalance of his personal inner conflict of being both races, although he definitely has chosen the Black Race because he sees it as cool and the potential for martyrdom-glory-reverence-black pride? Obama is not an evil man, but absolute power breeds absolute corruption. We should keep this adage in our thoughts. I do believe Obama sees his goals as lofty, but another adage comes to mind. Of all the people we lie to; we lie to ourselves the most.
Yes, this is true of all people, not just Obama, but review without rose colored glasses his qualification for the office. There is in my reading and judgment that projects a potential re-creation of a conflict based on past history. Again, it is the use of a common enemy for gains of power, glory, and or wealth. It keeps the soul from growing and understanding the true place of one in the earth, solar system, and universe. The common enemy continually provides energy to the darker forces of the universe. The common enemy is the black hole that sucks out happiness and contentment.
I’m surprised Obama still hasn’t seen the truth after his experiences as an organizer in Chicago. Obama already sees clearly the immediate issues that need to be addressed, acted upon, but not solved. He only knew the black mayor of Chicago gave black people a sense of pride. I was just as proud when JFK a Catholic Irish heritage man was president. It made me feel good and a pride in my heritage, but even as a young child I knew that pride would not change me or my circumstance in any way or form. I lived through the Civil Rights. I watched what was marketed on TV. I cried for the pain of the protesters. I applauded them for the courage I did not have. I was proud that they took a stand for what they believed in. Yet, I was too embroiled in my own miserable life. I was still a child trying to make sense of my existence and sad state. I accept my responsibility for my childhood choices. I am what I am today because of these choices. I like who and what I am today. Right or wrong choice is not relevant. I made my choice and those formed me into what I am. We should learn to be proud of our success and failure and not dwell on them. The past is history to learn from, not dwell in.
Barrack Obama wished he could have felt and understood his friend’s experience. He wanted to live in a ghetto housing unit in Chicago. He wanted that black experience.
I say, why is that only a black experience? I was raised in a white ghetto housing unit in Milwaukee. I was raised in poverty and the horrors of a cruel welfare system. I was raised in the sadness and despair of my parents. Why does Obama believe this is only his black pride and sorrow issue? Black or White trash is treated with scorn and disdain regardless. It is the inherent emotional need of humanity to find or make a reason to feel better about themselves over the bodies of other humans. It is no different in the animal world when other animals dominate a pride or herd. Perhaps we need to address that animal part of us and not focus on a specific race, gender, or spiritual idea.
Below are points we should understand before we continue to embrace the idea that some animals are better than other animals: (Animal Farm)
1. Humans must start to take responsibility. This responsibility is for their happiness, choices, and stewardship in compatibility with the earth. Issues of Race, gender, and individual spiritual ideas must be completely discarded.
2. Humans must learn to separate needs from wants.
3. Humans must learn to understand happiness and/ or wealth is completely separate from material goods, power, and/or greed.
4. Humans need to understand their role and true balance within the environment of all creatures sharing the earth.
5. Humans need to practice inner analysis.
6. Acceptance of different talents should be recognized, pursued, and appreciated.

How can these points be addressed?
1. Our earth needs a cleansing. Overpopulation must be addressed immediately.
2. A new educational curriculum and system of education. The system adapted to talents of individuals and progression in education along the talent path. Education should and must be voluntary, not mandatory, or forced. Education should not begin until the individual’s talents are recognized. Ages must and should not be assigned to levels.
3. A new culture must be created. The society new society would focus on the oneness and unity. Marketing, greed, and concept of wealth must be obliterated. Higher values on knowledge, understanding, and stewardship must replace the old material concepts.
4. The society fixation on Race, Gender, and Spiritual dogma must be erased.
5. Individual responsibility must be assigned to only the individual including the understanding and approval of the community.
6. Appreciation for the natural cycles of birth, life, and death must finally be accepted as the natural order. Respect for the cycle of birth, life, and death as natural should be instilled within the society. Respect for all stages of the life circle must be a part of society.

Be careful of your choices, but never regret them. Good or Bad choices are a part of our life. Take responsibility for your choices. Accept them as who and what you are and learn the good and the bad from your choices. It is not for us to dominate or control a world, a mate, a child, and/or an animal. We are charged with being in harmony with our world, mate, child, animal, society, and peer.

In conclusion I will give Obama his due. His speeches are stirring. His speeches are what Americans want to hear and generate patriotic stirrings. Unfortunately I am too old to be swayed by such patriotic platitudes. A person’s true soul is revealed in the writings. Even in the speeches between the lines I hear the racism, the picking of sides. I do not feel our community, our country, or our souls will benefit from the fixation of one race over another, or one gender over another, or one spiritual idea over another. I am too old to lose my individualism to a mass mind. I am too old to fall into the past and live there when hope is really found in everyday in the present with every new idea and piece of knowledge. Hope is found in the understanding of the self in relationship to the future. Hope can never be found dwelling in the past and seeing hurt. Hope is found in living after the pain and growing with new knowledge and understanding. Hope does not need Audacity. Hope is or is not.

To the world I give my Haiku. In understanding I give it you for thought.

A child in the womb,
A gift growing to life.
In pain love is born.

PS This writing is not an endorsement of McCain or an attack against Obama. This is not democratic or republican. This is my senses on overdrive with caution to warn all on the responsibility of choice. It is my purpose to share the disconcertion I felt after listening to the “Audacity of Hope” and the terrible comprehension I felt after listening to “Dreams of my Father.” There is never a right or wrong choice, there is only the choice and the responsibility it brings. These are my interpretations. I strongly urge you to listen or read both books and make your own interpretation. Obama did end “Dreams of my Father” with a speech. He did say in the speech that Knowledge is power. He is right. He is also right when referring to knowledge with the strength of community is the greatest strength. I cannot agree when the power is biased to one side. I also noted that where Obama saw sorrow, poverty, and unhappiness I saw joy, love, wealth, and identity. Yes, both of us lived and visited other countries. I always thought I was a pessimist. I see compared to others, I am an optimist. To me, the greatest wealth is within and not without.